Bucket List: 25x25

This year I am turning A QUARTER OF A CENTURY. In the spirit of this exciting time, I have created 25 things that I want to do by my 25th year. I am a very "play it safe" and "do it by the book" kinda person. I have been told that I need to broaden my horizons and try things that might be out of my comfort zone. Well ladies and gents, I am stepping up to the plate and ready to live my life!

To some, this list might not seem very daring. But hey, everyone is different. I encourage you to join me in my "adventures" as I document them throughout this upcoming year.I also challenge you to create your own. It might not be a 25x25 list, but maybe a 30x30 or even a life bucket list! What's the point of "living" if you are just going to go through the motions? There are so many exciting things to do in this life, and you got to live it to the fullest!

My motto? Life each day without regrets... and Carpe Diem!!

Only rules of my 25x25 list??
1. Must complete this list by January 2012
2. Must document everything!
3. No other rules! :)

So take a look and enjoy! As I complete them, the "adventures" will be able to be selected. Looking for a little reasoning behind my 25x25 list? Visit HERE.

Update: "1/3 Down.. What Have I Accomplished?"

1. Go Facebook “silent” for 25 days… starting on my 25th birthday

2. Attend (and participate) in a Zumba Class

3. Finish my Harry Potter “fanfiction” story
- Visit my still... unfinished.. story

4. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies in a 24hr span

5. Go camping (including sleeping in a tent… and not in a yard)

6. Take myself on a date (dinner … and movie)

7. Start writing a book and have a plan for getting finished… and published

8. Buy a whole fish, scale it and cook it

9. Go for a run/walk/dance in the rain (for at least 15 minutes) (without worrying about my hair)

10. Try 25 different drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic… cannot include fruit juices, milk or water)
- Smoothie: Part I
- Nicholas Patel - "Light Red" 2/10 at Tayst
- Fruit Tea - 2/18 Baja Burrito (Liked it!)
- Cocoa Cappachino - 3/25 Starbucks (Didn't like it!)
- Sangria - 4/1 PM (A little strong)
- (4) Beers at Nashville's Beerfest. (Unfortunately couldn't remember their names... and no I'm still not a beer fan.)
- Green Drink

11. Do a sunrise-sunset-sunrise day

12. Eat fried-green tomatoes
- Monell's... Great Restaurant... not so great friend-green tomatoes.

13. Donate 25 things

14. Learn how to navigate with an old fashioned compass, use this compass during a hike and climb a tree that I come across and not fall out.

15. Go on a road trip to a state I have never been.

16. Complete the “Couch to 5k” Program

17. Go stargazing with a star map and find 5 constellations

18. Try 25 new restaurants (that I have never been to) without ordering chicken fingers, grilled cheese, or shrimp.
- Tayst 2/10 "Duck with beans" (Must be an acquired taste...)
- Baja Burrito 2/18 "Chicken Taco" (Good!)
- La Hacienda 3/25 "Fajita" (I know it seems silly I have never had one of these, but it really wasn't bad.)
- PM 4/1 "Philadelphia Roll" (Sushi - only able to get one down.)
- Sushi Obey "California Roll"
- Monells
- Margaritaville
- Jackson's

19. Write a letter to someone each week that I am 25

20. Try (cook) 25 different recipes (that I have never cooked before)
- Croissant de Chicken
- Banana Pudding

21. Play a round of golf

22. Learn how to use my camera and photoshop… and submit one of my creations to a public competition.
- Doing a little Photoshopping...

23. Meet with a financial planner

24. Take a hot air balloon ride
- The Futuristic Aerovessel

25. Grow a plant from seed and keep it alive longer than two months