Thursday, March 10, 2011

Smoothie: Part I

Things I have learned this week…

 1.       Salami is not a cheese. (For some reason I had thought it was a ‘fancy’ cheese. Turns out it’s a meat and can come in different flavors.) 

2.       I won’t find cilantro in the deli. I can find it in the produce and spice section. (Bless the poor woman at the deli who kept a straight face and was extremely patient when I asked for ‘Salami the cheese’ and ‘cilantro’.) 

3.       I need to practice smoothies.

On Sunday I decided that I would attempt to make a smoothie.  I had gotten ambitious a few days earlier, determined I would go through ALL my cookbooks and choose some recipes to work on. Whelp – I only got through one, (which happened to be the most colorful) and had noticed a fairly easy smoothie recipe. Yay! It could count as one of my 25 drinks. Suuuuccccceeeessss.

So the only ‘smoothie’ that I have had was at “Smoothie King.” It was actually a milkshake… but hey – it was under the smoothie category… Counts right? I figured with this recipe - I like fruit juice … and fruit… so how could I go wrong by making it? Haha. 

We’ll start at the end of the story… here is J, my loving husband and taste tester. This was after his SECOND taste with a very much toned down reaction. “It is different” he finally manages to say.

The Smoothie Recipe called for strawberries… blue berries… ¼ tsp of vanilla… a frozen banana… 1 cup of low fat strawberry yogurt… and 1 cup of orange juice.
This is what I had…

Vanilla – I am assuming they meant vanilla abstract… Unfortunately I realized it had been expired AFTER I poured it into the concoction. Maybe I am just not cut out for cooking.

Orange Juice – Well I didn’t have orange juice so I used V8 Splash.
Frozen Banana – I will never ever freeze a banana with its peel on. Why? It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to peel when frozen. I am pretty sure I had no feeling in my hands after I got the last shred of peel off. Geez.

Ultimately it was an acquired taste. It didn’t remind me of anything I had ever tried before… and after a few sips, I didn’t feel like I needed to gag anymore. *Sigh* This is why I need to practice.

But! All hope is not lost. I also decided to make a fried egg sandwich which turned out rather successful! Thanks to Google… I was able to eat an egg that was not scrambled. **Taking a bow** Here are the pics to prove it!

 I know.. it isn't much... but coming from a girl that used to live on Ramen Noodles and ... well PB&J... we're getting somewhere!

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