Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Futuristic Aerovessel

I am so excited about my 25x25 challenge and that it has begun.

While waiting in line at the bank this morning, I decided to check “Groupon” on my iphone since I no longer have access to Facebook (for the next long… and agonizing… twenty five days)

**Sidenote… Groupon is a site which companies/restaurants offer up a service for a discounted price. Every day a new offer is shown and if so many people (pre-decided) buy that discounted offer/service, then the “deal is on.” If not enough people decide make the purchase in the allotted time, then you never get charged … but you don’t get the service either. Sad times.

Anywho, Groupon had a fabulous discount on hot air balloon rides… Coincidence?? I think not.  (This is one of my 25x25 challenges!!)

According to Groupon… Dream Flights USA will scoop up civilians for approximately 60 minutes of soaring serenity. Though the flight's departure location and path depend on weather conditions and wind patterns, each tour will offer a scenic ride over Nashville, granting passengers a bird's-eye view of the city's famous monuments and infamous filibusters. The adventure begins with the crew inflating the hot air balloons in front of the soon-to-be passengers, immersing them in the airborne action to come. Once passengers have loaded onto the balloon's gondola, Dream Flights' pilots will launch the craft into the sky. Bring along a camera to capture your ascent to a place where birds come in V’s and wind dictates direction. All Dream Flights pilots are licensed to fly commercially, with or without balloon assistance, and have decades of experience, rising and falling for 24 years without incident.

Would there be another time to get hot air balloon tickets at 50% off? Well I am not sure… so I got two passes! Yippee! (I can’t believe we will actually be doing this!!) PS.. I am also scared of heights.. hahaha.

Do you want to come with us? The discount runs for another day and we would love to have friends/family join us! (We got the weekend rate.) If you are new to Groupon visit through this link… and sign up. After you are taken care of, select Nashville as the “city” and get excited!


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