Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Survived.








Today was my 26th day of being off of Facebook… and you know what? I survived. I have to say, though, it was not easy.

I wish I could tell you the day when Facebook transitioned from a fun thing to explore every now and again to being a significant component of my everyday life.  Perhaps it was the day the sun shone a little brighter, or the birds sang a little louder… just kidding… when I was on Facebook I didn’t even notice the sun… or birds… Sad, right?
I have been a loyal member of Facebook for almost seven years. To clarify, “member” can also mean “addict,” “devotee,” “stalker,” “prowler,” “friend”…. Yeah it got that bad, and it took me till my 25th year to fully realize that. The hubbie laughed when he found out that I REALLY wanted him to change my Facebook password. 

“Why don’t you just use a little self-control, and see if you can manage it.”

“No, I need you to do this. Me and Facebook are like white on rice, I need an intervention.”

“…Alright…” he said hesitantly. He watched me carefully, much like a gazelle at a drinking hole noticing a lion on the horizon. 

"Don't look," he quickly said as he took a deep breath.

And it was done. 

 I promise I am not that scary.

1/29/10 – Written in scribbly handwriting…I didn’t even get the year right. Quitting Facebook is hard. (Keep in mind I didn’t quit facebook.)   

(I got very used to seeing this screen)

1/30 - FB app is gone. I realize that I check Facebook without thinking. (OK one time I was thinking and secretly hoping it would still let me on.)

2/2 – Tried to guess the new password. Oops. Must. Become. A. Twitter. Fan.
2/2 – Two Hours Later. Twitter. Is. No. Facebook.
2/4 – One week officially off Facebook. Too ashamed to write the rest in my 25x25 journal. All I will say is that there might have been tears. (New Job + No Facebook = Must find a new mindless hobby)

 2/6 – I will survive.

So after this self-realization, or “enlightenment,” will I quit Facebook?


Unfortunately Facebook is so intricately, and probably precariously, woven in the fabric of my being (okay a little dramatic… just wanted to play off my blog name) – I really could not bear leaving. I have missed pictures of babies born, communication between friends, and sharing my bloggy posts. (A lot of my readers came through Facebook.) 
 But! I was checking Facebook absent mindedly thus wasting precious time that I could have been spending with family and friends… and that IS a problem. So I have arranged an agreement with… well myself. Think of it like a continuation of my original 25x25 challenge. 
25x25 Challenge Addendum: The Facebook app will NOT go back on my phone. I CAN check my Facebook one time a day. Any other times that I get on… I will have to pay my “Facebook Fund” a quarter. Get it? Quarter = 25… 25x25… oh I am too much for myself sometimes… 


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