Monday, December 20, 2010

The *Official* 25X25 List... Wish me luck!!

 **Drum Roll Please**

I want to thank everyone for their input/suggestions on my 25X25 adventure. As many of you know, I am turning a QUARTER OF A CENTURY (<- imagine me saying this in a manly booming voice) in January… and I plan to make the most of it. Starting on the day of the 25th anniversary of the Spaceship Challenger’s demise (depressing … I know) I will work on this list of 25 things of things I have really wanted to do/ not wanted to do/ and scared or anxious to do. Wish me luck and join me on this EXCITING journey!

Only rules … 

 1. Must Complete This List by January 28th 2012.
 2. Must Document EVERYTHING

And here we go…. 

1.       Go facebook “silent” for 25 days… starting on my 25th birthday
Surprisingly enough, not checking facebook for almost a month makes me the most anxious out of this entire list. I love being “in touch” with all my friends… you could probably call it stalking. Because of this fact, I feel that it must be at the top of my list and the first thing to initiate my 25th year. How many things could I accomplish without checking facebook? I might have this list completed before April!  I will have the hubbie change my password so I can’t go back on my word.

2.       Attend (and participate) in a Zumba Class
Zumba is a dance/aerobic class. I have always thought it looked like a lot of fun but I have been super self-conscious that I either A. Might look silly tripping over my feet or B. Hyperventilate and pass out because I have been worrying that I might look silly tripping over my feet.

3.       Finish my Harry Potter “fanfiction” story
I have spent way too much time working on this story. I need to knock it out and move on to other things. PS Don’t you want to know who Hermione kills??

4.       Watch all of the Harry Potter movies in a 24hr span
All seven of them! (Not sure if I want to do it before or after the part II of the seventh movie comes out.)

5.       Go camping (including sleeping in a tent… and not in a yard)
Being out in nature… with all of the other things that LIVE outside. EEEK!

6.       Take myself on a date (dinner … and movie)
Again, trying to break my self-consciousness, I will treat myself to a dinner and a movie. Maybe I will buy myself a drink after!

7.       Start writing a book and have a plan for getting finished… and published
I’ve got the ideas… now I just have to get them down on paper. Wish me luck!

8.       Buy a whole fish, scale it and cook it
This gives me the shivers… which means I gotta do it!

9.       Go for a run/walk/dance in the rain (for at least 15 minutes) (without worrying about my hair)
My hair is the main reason I don’t go out in the rain… it grows three times its size when wet! People have said being out in the rain is so exhilarating… guess I need to subject myself to this experience.

10.   Try 25 different drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic… cannot include fruit juices, milk or water)
I had many friends that told me I need to learn to like coffee and tea, while others said I needed to expand my beer and wine pallet. With the 25 including both alcoholic and nonalcoholic, I won’t seem like I’ve got a problem.

11.   Do a sunrise-sunset-sunrise day
Others have said it was fun, so I want to try a consecutive sunrise, sunset, sunrise day!

12.   Eat fried-green tomatoes
This is a food that I have ALWAYS turned down just by the name! I need to suck it up and just try it!

13.   Donate 25 things
Having been blessed with a wonderful life, I think I can muster up 25 things to donate.

14.   Learn how to navigate with an old fashioned compass, use this compass during a hike and climb a tree that I come across and not fall out.
Random, I know. Just go with it.

15.   Go on a road trip to a state I have never been.
Just came up with this idea. I think road trips are fun!

16.   Complete the “Couch to 5k” Program
I was going to originally say that I would run a half marathon, but to efficiently train for one is healthier and a better goal.

17.   Go stargazing with a star map and find 5 constellations
Always thought this sounded like fun!

18.   Try 25 new restaurants (that I have never been to) without ordering chicken fingers, grilled cheese, or shrimp.
I will attempt to expand my horizons!

19.   Write a letter to someone each week that I am 25
When I was little, my grandmother would send us handwritten letters EVERY week. I loved em, saved em, and now I am going to try it out! Look out for a handwritten letter from me!

20.   Try (cook) 25 different recipes (that I have never cooked before)
Inexperienced cook looking to not live on Ramen noodles and take out. We’ll see how this turns out!

21.   Play a round of golf
My father tried to teach me when I was little. Not saying that I would be any better, but at least I can say that I tried! Dad… Grandpa.. you up for playing golf with a person that hasn’t picked up a club in uhhh… 18 years?

22.   Learn how to use my camera and photoshop… and submit one of my creations to a public competition.
Suggestion from a friend and I plan to accomplish this goal!

23.   Meet with a financial planner
It could only help right? If I could start managing my money better now, think how well we will be doing in 25 more years?

24.   Take a hot air balloon ride
I am afraid of heights. Need I say more?

25.   Grow a plant from seed and keep it alive longer than two months
I was not born with a green thumb, and this sounds like a 25th birthday adventure!!

So what do you guys think? Will I be successful? I’ll be keeping everyone updated in my quarter of a century adventures!!!


Anonymous said...

If you need help with the learning to use a compass, I can give you loads of information and a compass to use :)

<3 Kim

Laura said...

Visiting from your guest post on Kathy's blog.  I think your 25 list is great!  I just turned 30 and didn't quite finish my list, but I'm still going to work on it, even though I'm officially 30 now :).  Good luck!

Jenny said...

Laura - thanks for visiting! Yeah, I ended up not quite finishing either (my b-day was this past weekend) - but I think I will continue to work on it too :)