Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If you have to tie the pants tight, safety pin, AND tape......


One challenge down… 24 more to go. 

I’ll admit, I looked for the easiest challenge to complete. It’s just the person I am. I also eat the dessert before the meal. No judging. 

The challenge was an eye opener though. Have you been through your closet recently? Experts say that if you haven’t worn that piece of clothes in a year, get rid of it. My previous mentality was “well if I haven’t worn the clothes since high school, as long as it doesn’t have any stains and it is close to fitting, than I might as well keep it.” 

I am serious! I was able to donate clothes that I KNOW I haven’t worn since early college. In retrospect, they aren’t bad outfits, but if I didn’t wear them… even when I needed to do laundry… then it was time to go. I was also able to donate scrubs that literally put me in a bad mood when I had to wear them. Scrubs can be a finicky clothing item. If you are a nurse and don’t make sure they fit (while getting up, sitting down, moving around) then you might regret it later.

 I remember a specific evening at work when one of my coworkers asked me why I had been uncommonly quiet. “It’s the pants.” I responded.

“The pants?”

“Yes. They don’t fit and it has ruined my day. Every time I bend over… to do anything… they fall to a very precarious position. I have them tied tight, safety pinned, and am almost considering tape.” 

If you have to tie pants tight, safety pin, and tape… you probably shouldn’t be wearing those pants.

So after sifting through my ENTIRE closet… I came out with a pretty good pile of clothes.

GOAL: 25….. ACTUAL: 36  Yay!!!  
(Here you go Goodwill!!)

Here are the pictures to prove it…. Cyrus and Ginger were checking out my accomplishments, or deciding that I had way too much clothes.

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