Wednesday, April 6, 2011

1/3 down...

April 2011. 

I wanted to let everyone know that I have not abandoned my 25x25 list. Simply, some of the items cannot be completed in the "one and done" fashion... (i.e. writing letters every week.)

But! I have made so much progress... AND have plans for many of these items. 

Take a look...

1. Go Facebook “silent” for 25 days… starting on my 25th birthday

2. Attend (and participate) in a Zumba Class

I just have to confess that this is one of my "goals" that makes me the most weary. Why? I have no clue. So to best ease my anxiety of attending a Zumba class, I have started practicing on Wii. Good thing I did, I look like a two year old watching Bananas in Pajamas and trying to mimic the Skinnamarink moves without the surge of energy and lengthy endurance. People tell me that I will be fine, and no one is perfect at it... I would just prefer that my performance not be "youtube worthy."

3. Finish my Harry Potter “fanfiction” story

I have had many heart to hearts with Keep Me in Your Memories. I am sad to report that if there are a few "goals" that don't get accomplished - this will be one. I have not given up writing, I just don't think I can come to terms with the ending that I have outlined in my head.

"Why don't you just change the ending?" You ask. Well, I the problem is, I can't think of it any other way. Ultimately it comes down to the fact that I am not ready to kill characters that I have grown to know and love. Maybe my mindset will change after the last Harry Potter film comes out, but I won't make any bets.

4. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies in a 24hr span

I am sooooo excited about watching all the movies back to back!!! The first half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out April 15th on dvd. I already have a few willing participants that want to subject themselves to non stop Harry Potter (including the hubbie), we just have to set a date.

5. Go camping (including sleeping in a tent… and not in a yard)

We have some close friends that have promised to go camping with us. I followed up with them yesterday and they said in about a month they're game! Yay!

6. Take myself on a date (dinner … and movie)

Just have to find the right movie... and outfit and I'll be set. Not worried about this one.

7. Start writing a book and have a plan for getting finished… and published

Here's a funny story. I came up with an entire premise (including back story) for my potential novel. I call my dad to tell him about it and he stops me about half way through. "Jenny, you really need to see this show I've been watching. It sounds like you are describing the plot - almost word for word."

I have never heard or seen this show that he mentions ... in ... my ... life.

J and I watch all three seasons in the span of a month. It turns out my dad is right.

Another check mark in my book of "Odd Coincidences and Strange Happenings."

I do have a story though that I will write. Currently working on chapter one. Awesome.

8. Buy a whole fish, scale it and cook it

Pretty straight forward... just got to do it.

9. Go for a run/walk/dance in the rain (for at least 15 minutes) (without worrying about my hair)

I think this will work perfectly when A. It is above 70 degrees outside and B. There isn't a severe thunderstorm warning. We have yet to have a rain storm that met these two criteria.

10. Try 25 different drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic… cannot include fruit juices, milk or water)
- Smoothie: Part I
- Nicholas Patel - "Light Red" 2/10 at Tayst
- Fruit Tea - 2/18 Baja Burrito (Liked it!)
- Cocoa Cappachino - 3/25 Starbucks (Didn't like it!)
- Sangria - 4/1 PM (A little strong)

11. Do a sunrise-sunset-sunrise day

12. Eat fried-green tomatoes

Where can I get fried - green tomatoes?

13. Donate 25 things

14. Learn how to navigate with an old fashioned compass, use this compass during a hike and climb a tree that I come across and not fall out.

Still working on this one. Got word that my future B-in-L would teach me... now I just have to find a way to get to the desert.

15. Go on a road trip to a state I have never been.

16. Complete the “Couch to 5k” Program

I need some motivation. Ugh.

17. Go stargazing with a star map and find 5 constellations

J and I have reservations to go to Vanderbilt's Dyer Observatory for "Telescope Night" in April. Should be a lot of fun!!

18. Try 25 new restaurants (that I have never been to) without ordering chicken fingers, grilled cheese, or shrimp.

- Tayst 2/10 "Duck with beans" (Must be an acquired taste...)
- Baja Burrito 2/18 "Chicken Taco" (Good!)
- La Hacienda 3/25 "Fajita" (I know it seems silly I have never had one of these, but it really wasn't bad.)
- PM 4/1 "Philadelphia Roll" (Sushi - only able to get one down.)

19. Write a letter to someone each week that I am 25

It has been 9 weeks since I have turned 25... and have had 9 recipients of hand written letters!

20. Try (cook) 25 different recipes (that I have never cooked before)
- Croissant de Chicken

21. Play a round of golf

Still looking for takers to teach a willing student with zero skill.

22. Learn how to use my camera and photoshop… and submit one of my creations to a public competition.
- Doing a little Photoshopping...

23. Meet with a financial planner

How do you even chose a financial planner?

24. Take a hot air balloon ride
Waiting for nicer weather... but tickets have been purchased!

25. Grow a plant from seed and keep it alive longer than two months

(I've got it ready, now I just have to do it!)

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