Friday, August 12, 2011

Banana Pudding!

Another recipe down! (one of my 25x25 goals)

I made Banana Pudding! 

Ok, it wasn’t from scratch, scratch. (Only half scratch.) But hey, I didn’t buy it pre made from the grocery store! 

I didn’t realize I was a banana pudding fan until I had it at the Golden Corral. I know, I know, that restaurant is like a human trough… but it is one of the few places that has real mashed potatoes made the way I like it.  And they just installed hand sanitizers near the plates and silverware.. that makes it a little better, right? Whelp, one night for dessert at the Corral I just happened to try the mysterious pudding concoction… turned out to be banana pudding, and hey, I liked it!

First I want to commend Publix for the advertising of the pudding. As I was attempting to grab some fruits and veggies to be “healthy” this week, I felt like something was out of place. Pears, Apples, Bananas, and Vanilla Wafers. Trying to figure out how the wafers fit in the grown from the earth category, I investigated the box a little further. Strategically placed so the Banana Pudding Recipe caught my eye.

I read the ingrediants… 

3 Bananas
2 – 3.2oz Kraft Vanilla Pudding (which was ironically placed below the wafers)
1 - 8oz tub of Publix Sour Cream
1 – 8oz tub of Publix light Whipped Cream
1 – box of Publix Vanilla Wafers
Skim Milk (Forgot the exact measurement.)
13”x9” Pan

And – the pudding, sour cream and whipped cream came in those 8 oz measurements. How easy is that?!? SUPER easy! So it probably wasn’t too healthy, but it turned out delicious!! (Sorry I don't have a picture of the final outcome... didn't think of it until I had already had a piece!) 
Onward to practice cooking!!!

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