Saturday, February 5, 2011

Croissant de Chicken

One down, twenty-four to go!

I can cook. I really can. What I cook, how long I cook it, and how it turns out after being cooked are usually the only things that don’t turn out right. Other than that, I do fine!

“One” of my 25x25 challenges is to cook 25 NEW dishes. Finding a new dish shouldn’t be too hard since I usually work off a limited menu, however I am a picky person (which I am working on.) I realized one of my biggest barriers is poor planning on my part. I usually decide I am hungry when my stomach is at the point of eating itself and additional ingredients are usually at a minimum.

So in retrospect, it probably wasn’t a great night to cook a new meal, but we got through it.

What did I end up cooking? Well I am not quite sure if there is an actual name, so I am going with Croissant de Chicken. Ingredients I found in my fridge: chicken… croissant dough. No recipe, no idea how the two would go together, not sure how to cook either one successfully = good idea to Jenny.

Here is my 1st 25x25 cooking adventure… take a look!

Croissant dough... after I opened the container, I realized I had NO idea what I was getting myself in to.

Pieces of raw chicken. Knife was unfortunately dull and I was unfortunately scared of getting whatever germ hangs out with raw chicken. I probably washed my hands 60 times. Sidenote: I know the cookbook snuck into this picture - but don't let that fool you. After flipping through a few pages realizing I have NO ingredients to create the restaurant -esque dishes, I gave up.

This is where it was getting tricky. Okay, not at this point - a little later. I always have a hard time telling when chicken is "done." I promise that if you look at the cooking poultry long enough, what was pink looks white-ish, and what you were sure was cooked is now taking a pink-ish hue. Ugh.

My coworkers are probably sighing at this point. I KNOW they have explained the difference between vegetable oil and olive oil, but I always forget. I don't even know if I was supposed to cook the chicken with oil, but in it went! Oops!

Looking almost done, right??

Sorry there is no "in between" pictures. After the chicken was done, I strategically placed them in the croissant rolls and stuck them in the oven. Oh... and I crossed my fingers.

Finished product!! Croissant de Chicken and grapes... My food adventures will get better, I promise. On second thought, I  take that back.  I can't promise it will get better, I can only hope - for mine and the hubbie's sake.

This is before he took his first bite... thats why he was smiling. Just playing! He said it tasted good, but was probably better as a "finger food" meal versus a sit down one. (He needs to take what he can get! haha)

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