Friday, May 11, 2012

Litters of Stick Families

Have you ever seen those stick figure characters on cars?

Working at a children's hospital, they are almost common place. As I trudge through the never ending parking garage, I happen upon cars, big and small with these little figures. I always wonder what message they are hoping to get across... "I love my multi-talented super cool family... or is it something else?

"We LOVE Disney World!!!" (me too!)

"We don't spend money on cable.. We're never indoors."

(Okay, I am a little intimidated - skiing, soccer, AND hanging out on a surfboard with a sail?? Wait a sec... do these stick figure companies have only one character for moms... "Moms only shop.")

"Look at us - we're the average American family!" 
 (And again, the only hobby our mom has is shopping.)

And then there is this...

"Our family is the biggest, most awesome family. We had to buy two packets of characters just to make sure we included everyone!"

I see it ALL the time. I am pretty sure this person got a sale on stick figures... or they thought all the figures in the package need to go on the car. 

Either way... you need to get a bigger car my friend because your litter of children including the hubby AND the animals are not fitting in that Range Rover.




Emmy said...

Ha! I see these ALL THE TIME! Sometimes they are kinda cute, and sometimes just obnoxious. I think it depends on what mood I'm in that day.

Cottongirlie said...

 Agreed! I saw one today with colored stick figures.. first time I had seen that! Hope you have a great weekend :)