Saturday, April 28, 2012


I would like to lead you to believe that my rationale for not blogging for an entire month was due to the fact that my team

The University of Kentucky Wildcats 



Okay, this might be partly true. GO CATS!!!

between my research class... high baby census at work... and ... okay probably a combo of those two things ... has made me only bat an eyelash at my computer. No excuse, I know, which is why I am here now saying hello!

Hopefully I can take more pics... post a little more... and read your wonderful bloggies now!

Oh, and before I go... the hubby was able to find a job in his chosen profession (landscape architecture) after over three years!!! YAY! After having been laid off many moons ago, he worked his way up the chain in the fast food industry becoming a general manager - but this is just amazing.

Have a wonderful weekend friends and hope to catch you soon!


Meghan Granito said...

Yay for your hubby. Yay for UK. Yay for spring!

Happy Sunday, dear!Keep Shining,Meghan

Cottongirlie said...

 Thank you friend!!! :) Have a wonderful weekend!!