Sunday, January 8, 2012

oh Siri!

With the advances of technology, does it seem that common household items are getting too smart aka a little too creepy?

For instance, the iPhone 4GS with Siri. 

I had the ability to speak with Siri yesterday and she was full of knowledge. She was able to give us options on where to dispose of a hypothetical body as well as the address of the local iceskating rink. Apparently she is not to keen of cold weather and she gets angry if you ask her too many questions about herself. (Yeah, her tone after playing 20 questions was not the friendliest.)

So I decided to search the internet of more Siri experiences... 



... and my favorite...

Now I am not saying I wouldn't mind having Siri as a friend... she's just a little odd and perhaps a little unsettling at times.

Do you have an iPhone 4Gs... what do you think of Siri??


Emily Hornburg said...

Hahaha. I feel like Siri and I would get along very well. We seem to have a similar sense of humor.

Faith said...

haha! I'm an android girl and hadn't seen this before. hilarious.

Jenny said...

Emily - Lol - it boggles my mind how a cell phone program can be created to be so interactive. It would be funny if there was a "call center" of sorts of people playing Siri. I feel like that would be a fun job.

Faith - I have never had an android before, but friends who have them looovvveee theirs. Apple has me underneath their marketing control when it comes to phones (and even Siri). It is quite sad actually. haha. Just when I think I don't need another one at the end of a contract, I am mesmerized by a commercial with a fancy app!