Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some Songs... cry worthy?

Have you ever had a song evoke strong emotions?

Like really strong?

I didn't have a bad day, I'm not hormonal... but for some reason Adele's "Someone like You"  puts me in a very somber mood... and caused me to *perhaps* elicit the ugly cry while driving home today. Mascara running, blotchy face, the whole sha-bang. You know that person in the car next to you that you are pretty sure is having seizures until you see they are crying... and you STILL can't pry your eyes away from the poor (but snicker-inducing) sole. Yeah, that was this girl *points at self*

Crying in your car does not make it a "private cry," especially when you are on a traffic jammed interstate.

Ugh!  If they create an SNL skit about it, I can't be the only one, right??


Brahmin in Boston said...

That was AMAZING!!

I have lot of songs like that but right now it is "No More Good Guys" by SkinDive. Omg! Tearrrrs!

cricketfreak said...

It's a really personal song, and so touching :)

wstacij said...

EXACTLY my life right now!!! Fine Frenzy has been making me weep allllllllll afternoon

Brittany E. said...

Songs can make me cry too, and I can't tell you how many times I've cried in the car. And I'll be telling myself I have to get it together because it is uber embarassing. I feel ya.

Jenny said...

PS - Thank you friends for letting me know I am not the only one :) I had brought up this conversation with a few friends and got some worried looks... "Why are you crying in your car again?" haha!

cricketfreak I completely agree... I like her voice too, when i am not crying, I am trying to lip sync pretending I have her voice :)

wstacij I had never heard of Fine Frenzy before. I found her on youtube and now completely understand where you are coming from :)