Sunday, November 27, 2011

Guilty Confessions... I can't park...

No, I didn't get this note... but I wouldn't be surprised if I did. Especially after yesterday's fiasco.

Guilty Confession - I can't park.

And no, I am not  referring to parallel parking. Although, I can't do that very well either. I can only parallel park if I have someone talking me through it... and that is also if I have deemed there will be enough comfortable space for my car. (My fear is to get stuck between two close people and never get out.)

"How did you pass the driving exam?" You ask.

Welp, most of the test is driving... and one can still pass when parking two feet away from the curb.

Usually my parking causes a daily internal struggle with my conscience. I vacillate between whether I should spend additional minutes trying to fix my line hugging parking in fear that a two door car will become very frustrated with my *special* parking skills and give me a nice scratch OR just give up.

My problem with parking? I drive a big car.

"Rrrrriiiiiiggggggghhhhhhttttt ... " The hubs would respond if he read this passage.

Okay, I don't drive a big car, unless you compare my Focus to a Smart Car or a child's battery run jeep. I tell myself that the next vehicle I would like would be an SUV-esque hybrid - enviro friendly, but the idea of parking that sucker unnerves me.

I don't know if its my depth perception or my mere hesitancy in cutting my wheel too sharply. My first *ding* on my car was because I couldn't get my car into a one car parking spot between two cement pillars in a parking garage. Is might be just me, but I did feel better when I got that ding... I could drive with less stress about messing my new car up. Weird? Probably.

So I apologize to all of you out there who silently or not so silently curse a driver's parking ways. The car you are cursing at is probably me. But I do want to go ahead and say that I have yet to hit a car... because usually I am picking parking spots that are not next to someone else at the time or I am a strong enough person to say, "hey, this spot just wasn't for me."

Any helpful hints with hitting the middle of the parking spot? I know, I know, after driving and parking for almost ten years, I might be a lost cause... but I am always open for suggestions... 


S.B. said...

You aren't the only one with parking problems. I don't mind diagonal parking lots, but parking lots with perpendicular parking spaces drive me insane.

And, thanks for the comment on my Pinterest post. I love the map link you left, I'm definitely going to have to try it!

meghan said...

I just love your blog!! And I have trouble parking too...I like to go a little crooked. =)

megs [at] Shine On

Brahmin in Boston said...

LOLOL! I know! I am come from the same planet you are from... I need DH to talk me through some parking spots. :-D

Even though this might sound sexist, I wrote on my Facebook :: "I drive like a man and park like a woman"

Jenny said...

Sara - Haha! I forgot about those diagonal parking spots... I can park those! :) I am glad you liked the map idea, thought it was super cute!

Meghan - Thanks for those sweet words!! I look forward to reading your blog too :)

B - Hilarious! Completely understand that one!!!

Brittany E. said...

HA I get it. I drive a really small car and I love it because basically I can park like a total idiot and still end up in-between the lines. And as long as I'm in-between the lines who cares how I parked it :) But ironically I'm an ace at parallel parking. I'm way too proud of that.

Brittany E.

Nathan said...

I'm a new follower! You have a very nice blog! I'm not great at parking either and not everybody is. Eventually I'm sure it will get better and it's like anything - the more you do it, the better you'll become!

Jenny said...

Brittany - Wow! Better at parallel parking?? I know - I am lucky right now with my Focus... still manage to completely hug the line. Although I realized today that I also catch my elbows on things, so its not just driving! hehe

Nathan - thanks for the sweet words! I am hoping if I make an active effort in parking, it will get better. That, or continue parking at the back of the lots. :)