Saturday, November 26, 2011

... And now its time for Christmas

Nordstroms is a little high end for me... but I like their thought process."Happiness is celebrating one holiday at a time. That's why you won't find any holiday trim in our stores until after Thanksgiving. So relax. Reminisce. Enjoy the day as we will - with family and friends. Then when Friday, November 25th rolls around feel free to stop by for a bit of good cheer, it's then we'll be decked in our holiday finery - and eager to welcome the season with you."

Yes friends, I love celebrating Christmas too, but holidays have their appropriate spots on the calendar. I.E. Fourth of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...

Not Hobby Lobby's mentality... Fourth of July, Christmas, Labor Day, Christmas, Christmas, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Now that it is post Thanksgiving... it is TIME for Christmas! Bring on the music, hot chocolate, ginger bread houses, time with family, and most importantly.... celebrating the birth of Jesus.

So what did we do one day post Thanksgiving? Visit the Fantasy of Trees at the Knoxville Convention Center with my in-laws.

The Fantasy of Trees is an event to raise money for the local children's hospital. In addition to the entry fee, people can also buy the decorations off the trees.

I told the hubby for our future 10 bedroom house, I would like multiple Christmas trees with decorative themes. He just shook his head and laughed. A girl can dream, right?

The "50's Tree"... there were a few of these. Must have been a popular decade.

The "50s - Barbie Tree." All the barbie outfits were made by hand!

The "Circus Tree"
The "Nature Tree"
The tree that the hubs liked... it was decorated in green and brown

A tree with a nautical theme
Sleepy nephew!!

Origami tree... one of my favorites!
Weather tree

Diary of a Wimpy Kid tree... after I saw this one, I was hoping for a Harry Potter one... was not in luck :(

We have not set up our Christmas tree yet, and only have a "red" theme. haha! Maybe we should go a little bolder and decorate with one of these awesome ideas!

Will your tree have a theme?


Anonymous said...

Only red, white and green on our tree and you can come see it any time, it is up all year long!!

Sherry Maxwell

Brahmin in Boston said...

Have no idea what kind of a tree I would want - never celebrated Christmas. LOL

But if I have to have a tree it would be more of like this :)

Kathy S said...

I made a Harry Potter tree for charity this year and I loved it so much that I bought it, so I'll be having a Harry Potter themed tree this year.

Jenny said...

Sherry - You have a year long tree? Is it outside or a recent tradition of having it up inside?

Brahmin in Boston - Haha! I like your tastes!

Kathy - You will have to take a picture of it!! I would love to see it when you have it completed.