Saturday, November 19, 2011

Breaking Dawn made me feel old.

Some days I think I am still pretty young. 25 years old, quarter of a century, still got five years until I'm 30. I'm good.

Yeah, well a few nights ago I felt old. Real old.

Perhaps I was asking for it. It was a Twilight movie after all. What did I expect?

First reason I felt super old?  I sat next to a girl that brought a baby with her. Not a real one thank goodness, as I was sitting in the very middle of a row and she would have to climb over seven people to exit, but one that comes with a key and you get when you are a freshman in home ec or something like that.

When she made her entrance, I looked around. I am pretty sure that every girl from the local middle school and high school were at this movie. Again, what did I expect, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are their "it guys" when mine was Leonardo Di Caprio. Which by the way, they had a preview for the new 3D version of the Titanic. 

Second reason I felt super old that night... My friend leaned over during the trailer and asked, "I wonder how many people here were alive when this movie was first in theaters?"

Yeah, Titanic came out about 14 years ago... Awesome.

Laughable. That is all I have to say. I decided I would deal with my insecurities and enjoy the real reason I came at midnight to see this movie, Taylor Lautner (Jacob). Guess who is going to be twenty this year? That guy! I'm only six years older than him... not too creepy right? The age difference between Demi and Ashton was 15 years... okay... probably not that great of an example...  anyway. (PS as I was typing "Age difference of..." Demi and Ashton came up as the first choice. Haha, guess I am not the only one wondering.)

During the movie I remembered why Breaking Dawn was not my favorite book. Besides the fact that it is decided with a wedding that there is no chance Bella will be with Jacob, some of the events are just.plain.weird. Bella and Edward have their honeymoon... tons of procreation... she gets pregnant with a vampire baby... this baby takes all of her nutrition leaving her two steps from death... baby decides it needs to come out, Bella's bones break and Edward must chew the baby out. Oh and she pretty much dies while Edward is doting on the baby - PS your wife has big gaping hole in her abdomen with teeth marks! AND - Jacob, who we think is out of the picture, imprints on the baby, thus falling in love with her (the baby).

It was a weird read... can you imagine trying to watch it with all of these teens/preteens??

Third reason I felt super old..After each questionable scene (the lengthy sex scene, the quite gory birth, and the imprinting), I again asked myself, "Do these parents know what their children are watching??" Yikes. There might need to be a lot of explaining to do.

PG or R?

Once the credits began rolling, I told my friends that I needed to hurry home - to get some sleep and then go to work,  further cementing the fact that 25 might just really be old. I am kinda sad, however, as the part I did think was interesting, the second half of the book, had a preview after the credits.

Boo! So I looked online... and I believe I have found the clip for Part II. Thanks Ellen. If you too were  wondering what will happen next November, take a look...

Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think about it?

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