Saturday, November 12, 2011

Things I am loving right now...

The Maze Runner… 

Okay, I thoroughly enjoyed the Maze Runner… now I am listening to the Scorch Trials (book two in the trilogy). If you enjoyed the action (and weirdness) of the Hunger Games – and I have only heard of one person that didn’t enjoy that series – I think you will like The Maze Runner.

Maze Runner is my book club’s selection for November, and honestly I only learned about it after it was selected to read. I would like to preface that it is science fiction (my cup of tea). The book opens with a teenage boy, Thomas, who wakes up in a dark box without memories. A short while later, the top of the box opens and he finds himself in the middle of a maze also known as “the Glade” with about 50 other teenage boys. All of the boys have no memories of their lives before the maze and some of them had been there for almost two years. The community in the Glade surprises Thomas, but unfortunately the safety and comfort is short lived. Boys had been arriving via the box once a month for the past two years, but the day after Thomas arrives, an unconscious girl is found in the box with an ominous message, “She is the last one ever.” 

Always on the edge of my seat, the short chapters gave me several places to stop if I needed… or giving me the option of “one more.” I am listening to the second book on my iPhone via Audible. Short plug for Audible and I promise they are not paying me… it is a monthly service run by Amazon, in which in pay a low fee of 7.95 for one audio book a month (it goes up a few dollars more after three months). If you choose to buy another one, it is half price from the full price and there are free books for members as well. If you are like me and are finding less time to read a book… or have extremely long commutes to and from work (where reading is frowned upon) audio books are the way to go and audible has over 100,000 books in audio form. Also – the people reading to you have gotten a lot better from what I remember, and each of the readers I have listened to use distinct voices for different characters. (Or in the instance of Bossy Pants by Tina Fey – she read her own book – AWESOME and SO FUNNY!)


As a former Lostie…. I really, really enjoy watching Fringe. If you are looking to start watching this show, you MUST start from the beginning (like Lost) or you won’t understand anything. It has been on for four seasons now, or maybe five – I forget… but these writers think of everything. With an X-files-ish format of being sci-fi investigators, there is an umbrella plot that always keeps you guessing, Always.  (Umbrella plot? Pretty sure I made that up.)

Starbucks Hot Chocolate

Yay! It is finally hot chocolate weather. Now don't misunderstand me, I drink hot chocolate in any weather, its my "coffee." But now I don't get funny looks since it isn't 90 degrees outside.

Kentucky Basketball

It's that time of year again!! After a sad season of what appeared to be high school football, (What? The season isn't over yet? We still have to lose to Tennessee for the 27th year? Dang it.)

Number 2 ... It feels really good to be number 2. C-A-T-S, Cats, Cats, Cats!!!

Bring on the cold, snuggly blanket weather...

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Kaitie Gordon said...

You can download audio books to your ipod, iPhone, computer, etc from the Nashville Public library for free! For the record, you can also borrow e-books and DvdS and permanently and legally download some songs. Seriously, thr npl is amazing; you could even pick up some hot chocolate at Provance at the downtown branch!