Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Web Video Wednesday! Synchronized Halloween Lights!

If you thought that you had to wait another month for synchronized Christmas lights, never fear! This house in California has brought not only synchronized lights, but actual singing pumpkins... atleast that's what I think they are.

I was QUITE impressed with the amount of time, talent, and skill needed to put up all the lights, synchronize them to the music - and then figure out how to make the "mouths" move to the voices in the song. This is actually very difficult.. and I am not even talking about the lighting aspect of this.

How do I know it's difficult?  The mupeteer/voice for Elmo was on The View Monday and attempted to teach the audience (including me) how to move a muppet mouth to actual words. Yes, there I was with my hand raised like Mr. Elmo Man had instructed, and the number seven got me every.single.time.

Mr. Elmo Man had said that Jim Henson told him that the voices came out of the back of the mouth (duh, right?) But! it actually helps when you are opening and closing a "mouth" ... forcing you to focus less on moving your hand like you are "picking something up" - which is what people innately do.

Budding muppeteer? Perhaps. (This is what happens when I am on a "stay-cation"! haha.)

Enjoy the video!

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cricketfreak said...

Singing pumpkins? :O lol.