Monday, October 24, 2011

Getting good use out of the DVR...

Yes, I will admit we watch a little bit tv... With that said, we might not watch it every night, as we love to go on walks with the pups, hang out with friends, I study, working out, Justin does house projects, I read and blog, and oh - did I mention - study?

We do, however, have shows that record every night. Perfect for the night we just want to relax, or a rainy day. Using our DVR spoils us, however, as when ever we are watching something in "real time," we can't forward through the commercials.

So what is on our DVR (tv recording device)?  (No judging please.)
I will break it up by day, because there are quite a few... 


Once Upon a Time - Both of Us
  • Honestly, we have only watched this show once (just premiered yesterday). But, it was intriguing - so we will give it another shot.

Sister Wives - Me
  • One man, four wives... kinda weird - but its one of those shows that you can't stop watching.

Desperate Housewives - Me
  • Been watching this show since it premiered in 2004. Last season and probably the best one yet!

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Boardwalk Empire - The Hubby
  • A show about the prohibition era... no humor... kinda violent... not my cup of tea...

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Walking Dead - Both of Us
  • Post zombie apocalypse. Not a big fan of the zombies, but its interesting to think what I would do if in a similar experience. 

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How I Met Your Mother - Both of Us
  • Just started watching it this season and it is HI-larious!! With Bob Saget narrating as Ted Mosby - talking to his kids about how he met their mother, watchers are always wondering if the girl Ted  is with (top left) is the girl. Oh and his friends are great too!

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Terra Nova - Both of Us
  • New this year... Jurassic Park-ish - so many different elements swirling at once - people getting used to their new era on Earth, six-ers, viruses and bacteria that are new, a LOST element in the background, oh and dinosaurs.

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Glee - Both of Us
  • I love this show. I wish I could sing and dance too....

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New Girl - Both of Us
  • So funny! Finally a sitcom with a girl comedian that I absolutely adore. She is awkwardly funny!

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Raising Hope - Both of Us
  • A comedy of a family without much money... or brains... navigating hilarious situations

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Modern Family - Both of Us
  • Another comedy, and by far my favorite. A blended family with characters everyone can relate with.

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Suburgatory - Both of Us
  • The suburbs aren't for everyone... 

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Community - Both of Us (It is never recorded, because we are already recording two at this time slot.) I wonder how long some people can stay in community college!

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Big Bang Theory - Both of Us
  • Oh Sheldon! (My favorite character) A comedy where physicists sit on the writing board, - ONE OF A KIND! 

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The Vampire Diaries - Me (But the hubby watches this too)
  • I know, I know, its about vampires... I do have to admit that the writing is great. Every episode feels like a season finale!

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The Office - The Hubby
  • Its been on for quite a while now, but without Steve Carell, I just can't get into it.

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - The Hubby
  • Despise this show. Makes me super uncomfortable and feeling bad for most of the characters!

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Fringe - Both of Us
  • Lost may be over, but this show sure fit the empty hole in my heart! Supernatural NCIS, multiple universes, and a guy who may or may not exist... love it!

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Saturday Night Live - Both of Us
  •  People say that the new years don't compare to the classics. Well all I have to say is, they haven't given the new years a chance. The people that are on this show now are the future Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell...

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What are some shows that you look forward to or on your DVR?


Kathy S said...

I love Glee, I wish I could sing and dance like that too :)

Lauren said...

Aw, I love Always Sunny! And Community, glad someone else is watching it cause it often feels like no one is.