Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shady Characters...

There had been word that there would be a gathering of things not quite right ..

So Bat Woman and a Security Guard showed up to investigate these murmurings.

But everyone appeared normal.... Or did they?

Wilma and Waldo

Quail Man and an Indian

Tom Cruise from Risky Business

Quail Man, Waldo, Stefon, and the Hulk.. wait.. Avatar... wait.. a guy from Arrested Development

Human Gumball Machine

80's Girl and a Ghost

Princess Kate Middleton and Prince William


Anne Boleyn post head removal (and reattachment)

So Bat Woman and the Guard decided to go under cover.... perhaps they would discover more.. Something tangible, something they could go off of..

 First break in the case! Some intel from Prince Kate!

And that's when they noticed it...

Bat Woman to the rescue!!

Thank goodness! Just in time! Wilma was able to be SAVED!

Happy Halloween!!!


Kathy S said...

Looks like fun. So many great costumes.

Comic Bill Brumbach said...

That guy in blue IS creepy... and I think he has a blog at

I also hear it's pretty funny (shameless self-promotion).