Friday, July 15, 2011

And now it is over... but atleast we celebrated!

Oh, the tribulations of time - no matter how much you want to slow it down, savor every second… it will inevitably continue along its journey, stopping for no one. Those moments that you have been waiting for, sometimes for years, quickly pass by, leaving you only with the memories that you had managed to grasp in those fleeting seconds.  But Time, no matter how much you despise it, keeps you moving, growing, learning. You can’t stop time, and maybe that’s a good thing. Time forces you continue on the journey, the journey of life.

A few minutes after 2am central time, the credits began to role in theater 13. I rubbed my face. During the previous two hours I had laughed, cried, sat at the edge of my seat, and wished for time to stand still. I knew what would come for a few years now, but it didn’t make it any easier. As the lights began to grow around me, the silence continued throughout the theater. Reality had been waiting for this moment to strike, the second part of a vicious attack first experienced when I closed my Deathly Hallows book for the first time. It was over. 

I am not alone. Many people my age feel that the conclusion of Harry Potter is synonymous to the conclusion of their childhood.  Perhaps  this is what makes the acknowledgement of an end even more painful. This was one of the last things that I carried with me into adulthood, something that didn’t make me childish for following, reading, watching. 

And now it is over. 

Will there ever be anything quite like it? 

No. Although there might be another series written as creatively or as elaborate, it will not carry the same meaning. Thank you JK Rowling for creating a world that we have enjoyed for many years. I will be forever greatful. 

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II Celebration!!!!

 Tickets pre-ordered for the event. I was pretty excited at this point! We had 12 people see the movie together!!

Lindsey being her silly self 

I think baby Nora is a Gryffindor fan!

Sorry friends for the impromptu photos!

Playing Harry Potter trivia. These lovely ladies of Ravenclaw won. (Surprise, Surprise)

Gryffindors hard at work!

The group that made it to the celebration!!!

Movie Time! So I thought we would be alright showing up at 10:30p. When we arrived, their were two lines wrapping around the theater with vendors selling things outside!! I felt like we were in a theme park! Thanks to Lindsay's good looks and asking if we could go next, they seated theater 13 promptly after theater 8. Yay!

In the theater waiting for the show to start!

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