Saturday, July 23, 2011

Guess where I was this past Wednesday…

Give Up?

 The year 1999

And it was AWESOME!

So maybe it wasn’t 1999…. But it sure felt like it. Screaming for NKOTBSB (New Kids on the Block/ Backstreet Boys) for a full two and a half hours brought me back to my 8th grade year when I held the new Millenium CD by the Backstreet Boys in my hands. I believe I listened to that CD on repeat for the WHOLE. SUMMER.

This is a fact. 

Because as I breathed the thin air of being a mere six rows from the ceiling, I was able to recall ALL of the lyrics sang by my favorite band. An almost improbable feat of being poorly oxygenated unless the lyrics were permanently written on the hard drive of my brain. 

Although I wished more than a few times that I was closer to my once wished boyfriend (Brian Litrell) -being in the same building with NKOTBSB AND my good friends was SO. MUCH. FUN.

(I must admit however… New Kids on the Block was before my generation. At one point in the concert Donny yells “It feels like its 1989 and it feels great!!” I looked at my friend and countered, “Did he say 1989?? I was 3!!!” Hahaha.)

I keep asking myself if it truly has been almost 15 years since Backstreet Boys became big. As I inspected the big screen… (I couldn’t really make out their faces on the floor) they looked older. More wrinkles, balding hair… but it didn’t matter… they still sang just as I had remembered.

Still smiling… Thanks BSB for reminding me of my childhood loves!

Backstreets Back… ALRIGHT?!? 

Here are some pictures from the concert... unfortunately we weren't able to bring in a telescoptic lense (or my camera)... but thank goodness my friend was able to hold on to hers. ENJOY!!


Backstreet BOYS!!!!

BSB Again!!

Brian Litrell!!!!

Wooohooo!!!! Brian (in white) is wearing a University of Kentucky jersey!!!!!!
(keep in mind we were in Louisville)


Kaitie Gordon said...

Did you really just say that you were THREE when New Kids came out?? Sigh.
PS REAL fans would never refer to them as NKOTB. We all loved them as New Kids, but I'll forgive you since you were a toddler when they tried the whole renaming thing.

Jenny said...

Hahahaha! They were the sexiest, most in shape old men that I have ever seen! :)