Sunday, April 3, 2011

Breathing... I'll skip breathing

Sometimes I wonder when things will be “too expensive.”

I know I am not made out of money.  I actually take pleasure in this fact as I believe I would lead a quite dangerous life if my body was equivalent to US dollars. I would be leery, always wondering if people wanted to really be my friend, or simply wanted to get me close enough to cleanly remove my pinky finger to pay for their house. 

Yeah, it would be rather unfortunate to be made out of money.

At what point though does one say, “enough is enough!”

I am okay with not having things that were originally costing an arm and a leg. (There we go with those references that perhaps someone was made out of money!) Big house – too expensive. Clothes at Green Hills – too expensive. Traveling – too expensive. Baby Grand Piano – sadly, too expensive. 

What about those sneaky items… the ones that you originally rationalized their prices were within reason, but you blinked and now they are higher than you ever remember?

Examples… gas, Comcast and their evil ways, the sly HOA, salmon at Publix, itunes songs. It is despicable. 

We have gotten to the point that those “okay” items are now being weighed – ultimately deciding what we need, and what we can live without. This is good for us. I am still angry at Comcast though.

What have you given up because of prices that got just too high?

Rat, from Pearls before Swine has the right idea. Maybe I will do without haircuts… and soap. Wonder how J would handle that?

Pearls Before Swine

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