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Happy March 32nd!!!! The things I learned today...

March 32nd, 2011

The things I learned today.

1. There will be a new show out on FX called "Aurors." Based off of the "Auror" concept from the Harry Potter novels, it follows a young wizard in his new career as an "Auror."  It looks AWESOME!!!!!!! Currently high-fiving Ginger... Cyrus... and myself.

More The Aurors Videos

2. Ikea has created a "HUNDSTOL Dog Highchair" to recreate how dogs eat in their natural environment... and so they don't get jealous of the kiddies. I could see where this will come in handy some day. Cyrus would love one of these!

3. Apple has created the NEXT BIGGEST thing!!!


Product Features
Works with iPhone
  • Amazing PLAYMOBIL™ set introduces children to the magic of Apple technology
  • Interactive play teaches important social interaction skills
  • Includes everything pictured: entire store with figures and over 60 accessories
  • Store comes fully staffed with PLAYMOBIL™ Apple Store associates
  • Ground floor of Apple store features product demo tables, software shelves and kids corner
  • Top floor includes Genius Bar and Keynote Theater with mini Steve Jobs figure
  • Use your own real iPhone 4 as the screen behind Steve Jobs in the Keynote Theater (downloadable simulated keynote presentation available on the PLAYMOBIL™ website)
  • Purchase the optional Line Pack and stage your own Apple Device launch party!
  • Entire store measures 72 cm long x 36 cm deep x 40 cm high
  • Officially licensed Apple product
I have this odd urge to go pre - order one.... just because it's from apple. And... when I get one, I will make the little play people wait outside the entire playset for two weeks, because that's what apple does.

4. Google is HIRING.... Autocompleters... That is why the the autocomplete program is soooo CREEPY!!! Oh yeah, you have to type 34,000 words per minute... and be okay with a neural sensor. Better not be thinking anything non work related...

5. Youtube is celebrating 100 YEARS!!!! Of what... I am not quite sure.

But! William Howard Taft was their guest blogger to celebrate their official site launch.

April 1911

Editor’s note: Welcome to YouTube! Today we’re honored to have President William Howard Taft as our guest blogger to celebrate our official site launch.

Ladies and gentlemen of these United States. We are living in an age in which, by exaggeration of the defects of our present condition, by false charges and responsibility for it against individuals and classes, by holding up to the feverish imagination of the less fortunate and the discontented the possibilities of a millennium, a condition of popular unrest has been produced.

Due to advancements in modern technology and the advent of the Edison kinetoscope, there is hope. And I venture to say that there is no other destination on the web which has taken more real steps of such progress than the YouTubes, making its debut today. Here, instantaneous expression of the people may be upheld. Great feats of strength may be honored! Here, industry may thrive and cinema appreciated in its rightful form.

I should be untrue to myself, to my promises, and to the declarations of the party platform upon which I was elected to office, if the incoming Congress is not aware of the importance of boxing cat videos and our shared human moments of folly. We should encourage this in every way feasible.

It is a very enterprising time in America. The Pedro Miguel Locks have just been completed as part of the Panama Canal, there are Nobel Prize rumors circulating around regarding Ms. Curie’s so-called “radium discovery”, and J.P. Morgan is building a steamship they say is unsinkable. Very enterprising times, indeed. One can only imagine what events will be recorded for all the world to see.

William Howard Taft, President of the United States of America, recently watched “Histeria! William Howard Taft - Theme From Taft.”

6. Oh, the reason I called this post March 32nd... and did not mention anything about April Fools is because I legally can no longer say the phrase without saying "Groupon Presents: April Fools." Yup. They did it. They have patented April Fools.

Are you an offender??? You can read Groupon's patent here

Hope everyone has had a great March 32nd!!!

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