Monday, April 4, 2011

56-55 ... Not Us

We had a rough night Saturday.

The recipe for success should have been right...

7 Good Friends (6/7 in Kentucky Blue)
2 Pizzas
48 Wings
Good Weather

Yet, to much avail and a final three pointer - our Cats didn't win. It might have been because our friend Tyler took off his shoes for the first half, but honestly, we will never know. (You have to be extremely careful to recreate environments that had previously created great wins - superstitions win games.)

As we grieve for what could have been, here are some pictures of our Saturday, the day BBN (Big Blue Nation) stood still.

J showing off some pretty sweet moves. Apparently it's difficult to palm a B Ball.

"I could do better than those GUYS!!!" - J referring to the UK B Ball team.

Jim and Tyler before the big game

The half time crew while the others were playing B Ball outside to relieve their frustrations.

 Michelle and I, hoping for a win.

Ginger is still having a hard time accepting that UK lost... 

2012 Final Four in NOLA... here we *hopefully* come!!!

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