Thursday, February 10, 2011

Talking during the game... watching during the commercials...

If I told you that I watched The Superbowl for the football, I’d be lying. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know who I was rooting for until Greenbay scored back to back touchdowns. (I actually jumped up and cheered the second time.) Yup, I was a Packers fan after that. Sorry dad.

I do, however, get suuuppppeer excited about the commercials. If a company is going to spend 2-3 million dollars for 30 seconds of our time – hey I guess I will watch it. If only we actually got paid for watching those commercials… sadness…

Anywho – the sun outside is misleading as all the roads that surround me are completely covered with a snowy ice mix. So what better time than to share the commercials that I enjoyed most?

My FAVORITE SB Commercial… 

This one tugged at my heart strings. I have to admit, that when I was young, I too attempted to use my “magical powers” on house hold items. Okay, maybe it was more than one time… and maybe I wasn’t so young the last time I tried this. If Kris Angel and David Blaine can do it, than why can’t I?

“The Force”

(*update* I found an additional video of the bloopers/behind the scenes of the Darth Vader kid. Love it!!)

The FUNNIEST SB Commercial…

I sympathasized with the poor guy. House sitting gone wrong – why not try to fix it with Doritos? I definitely did not expect the last part of the commercial and it left me chuckling, with a warm, fuzzy feeling. Awesome.

“House Sitting”

The most CRINGEWORTHY SB Commercial…

Even thinking about this commercial makes me cringe. It was HI-LARIOUS. Now I will think twice after having Dorito residue on my fingers. Again, thank you Doritos for your creative thinking skills.

“The Best Part”

The cutest BABY-ESQUE SB Commercial

Those E-trade kids are so smart, you sometimes forget they are babies. This commercial includes the baby making some cute gestures towards his “tailor” that I almost wasn’t even listening to the commercial… just watching the baby. (Ok the “baby” comments were funny too!) 

E trade Tailor

“What Just Happened??” SB Commercial

Ok, so this one wasn’t a fav… but it left me thinking, “what in the world just happened!??” In a matter of 60 seconds we see a helicopter, Poseidon, aliens, a worm hole, and the Mayans… a little disorganized to say the least. I wanted to share this one because it was the ONLY commercial that left the entire room speechless... I don't even remember what the following commercial was because we were still trying to digest what we just saw. haha. Justin's repsonse was, "What were they smoking??"

One Epic Ride

Which Super Bowl Commercial did you like the most??

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