Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear Mother Nature... I have an announcement to make

Okay friends. It is February 11th, and I am OFFICIALLY ready for spring. I know I have said this before, but I never formally endorsed the statement. Please make sure you have me on record. Yes, I am ready for spring.

Nashville does not handle snow well. Give us a few inches, and we make it look like the Apocalypse occurred. Yesterday morning Jennifer Johnson, a news anchor on WSMV (a Nashville news station), said it best after displaying a picture of Nashville's snow storm on TV.

“Looks like Mother Nature threw a wild party, and no one drove home.” 

I understand snow stresses us out. It might push us into making poor decisions. But where do you go when you decide to abandon your car on a snowy road? It is cold outside! When I was driving home on Wednesday, my first thought did not include… “Look it’s snowing! Let me pull over here and get out to take a closer look!”

It is said that in the final stages of hypothermia, people begin to become delusional – occasionally feeling hot and potentially removing clothes. I have to hope that this is not the case, but please people, use your common sense. Leaving your car in the middle of a snowy road OR highway to wander to who knows where is not a safe option. P.S. Residents of Nashville… we only got 2-3 inches of snow. Sometimes you just got to ask, “Really?”

Mother Nature, if you are reading my blog – I have a bone to pick with you. Because I have made sub categories for weather, does not mean I would prefer to write more about the irrational decisions you have been making. If you want to get noticed, create some “nice” days and I will write about those too – you have my word.

Also - last time I checked (this morning), Nashville, Tennessee is not located next to New York City, or Minneapolis. If that was the case, it is not fair that we also get hot, muggy summers!  I know I “goofed” a few weeks ago and said it would be fabulous if Nashville was located next to Seattle (like Tachoma.) Please understand, I did not mean for that to imply "I would like colder weather". Seattle doesn’t even get this much snow!

Mother Nature, I promise I will enjoy more time outside, watering your grass, growing vegetables, and attempting not to kill flowers if the weather becomes “more tolerable.” Remember, I am not a polar bear or lizard, which means “more tolerable” can be defined as having an ambient temperature between 60 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit without large hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, or floods. I think that’s it for now – please send spring soon!

Ugh. I don’t know how much more of winter I can take.

Here are the puppies getting out in the "yummy, cold stuff." - Yes they LOVE to eat snow... or in Cyrus's case - inhale it.

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