Monday, February 7, 2011

Have you looked in the mirror recently?

Have you looked in the mirror recently… I mean really, really looked?

I have myopia - aka very near sighted. I am one of those people that if I decide to wear makeup and my glasses, I need to put extra concealer on my nose. Why? Because I inevitably run my face into the mirror trying to get close enough to “see” my eyelids. Happens. Every. Time.

It’s bad.

Sometimes it’s better for me to just close my eyes when moving around without my visual assistance. That way I don’t end up getting dizzy or falling over due to my absent depth perception. In the morning when I am waiting for the pups to finish eating (and way too lazy to grab my glasses) I like to play, “Guess the indefinable, unknown shape.” I recommend it to all the semi-visually impaired folk. 

A few weeks ago I was lounging on the couch… at 6:30 am… waiting to let the dogs out. After resting my eyes for a few minutes, I opened them and saw Cyrus next to the chair in the kitchen. Figuring he was ready to go outside, I called to him. No movement.

“Buddy, come on, it’s time to go potty.”
**Sidenote.. No, my dog doesn’t know how to use the “potty”. It would be wonderful he did. I will settle with him going outside and doing his business. That’s okay too.**


I could hear Ginger still eating.


I was starting to get worried. Sometimes Cyrus makes the poor life choice to inhale his food instead of chewing it properly. I was now hoping that he hadn’t choked. 

Swiftly making my way to the kitchen, I realized that what I thought was Cyrus was actually a coat that had fallen off the chair.


I was frantic. I listened, but couldn’t hear the jingling of his collar. (I might be blind, but my hearing and smell have not overcompensated.) I ran to our room, tripping over the coffee table, and hitting my hip on the dresser and haphazardly grabbed for my glasses. After a few extra-long minutes (and  inadvertently knocking my glasses off the bedside stand) I could see AND had found Cyrus. Turns out he was still in his crate from where I had put him the evening before. Yeah, I hadn’t even let him out to feed him. Maybe I should wear my glasses around the house.

So I can’t see, I’ll admit it.

But, once I have my glasses on or contacts in, you would think THEN I could see everything. That’s what I thought, until I was taking a picture of myself the other day. 

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but I have one word to describe this picture. Unibrow.

Turns out my brows are planning to take over the world – once face at a time. I know they aren't too bad right now, but give them another week... I will be able to have a self made visor for my eyes. After I zoomed in x500 (or something like that) I grabbed my mirror. Sure enough, they had been there the entire time – I was just too worried about my poor nose getting some one on one time with a reflective surface.

Guess I will have to revoke the gag order I have on the hubbie about making comments about my facial hair. (No beard or mustache  - just ONE annoying mole… but apparently also applies to brow disclosure.) Eek!

Oh what we do to be beau…. Haha… not look like a monkey.

Have a wonderful day!

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