Friday, February 4, 2011

Deja ... water bottle?

So I was sitting in the break room eating my lunch the other day, half reading my magazine, half watching Family Feud, and half eating my lunch.

There were wrestlers on Family Feud that day. Besides their interesting choice of clothing, the two teams were doing pretty well. Or so I thought.  As I was taking a swig from my water bottle, the question “What profession has the bravest people?” was posed. My immediate response would have been “military” or “police officers.” No brainer.

The two responses given? “Football players” and “Fisherman.” Are you kidding me? Seriously? I choked on my water.

Their defense consisted of something along the lines of “it is scary getting hit by big beefy lineman” and “fishing can be dangerous if you are fishing for sharks.” Lordy. You know what answer I would give for “the smartest profession?” Not wrestlers.

As I was rolling my eyes and coughing, a picture in the magazine I was “reading” caught my eye. I thought I was seeing things. I looked from my water bottle to the magazine back to the water bottle.  It was my water bottle!

I am pretty picky about water. I only really drink water, milk, and fruit juice (although that will be changing this year) so I know if my water tastes “a little funky.” I had been buying SmartWater, promising Justin I would reuse the bottles. **Confession** I would buy the bottled water for the taste, so when it was empty – I wouldn’t refill it – because that was the reason I had bought the bottle. I didn’t like the taste of the faucet. If I grabbed a glass and drank it immediately, it wasn’t bad. But after eight hours… the water went from fresh and fabulous to a musty mayhem.

I loved smart water… but didn’t like the plastic waste. I had to do something.

As I was perusing the isles of Target, I came across this pretty pink water bottle – called the “Water Bobble”. (I’ll admit it WAS the color that brought my attention to item.) After closer inspection, I realized this might be exactly what I was wishing for. With a built in carbon filter, the bottle would be super easy to tote around, easy to clean, and was good for hundreds of uses (when the filter's life has ended, just grab a new filter!)The bottle portion was also made out of recycled plastic... and was recyclable itself! Labeled a “new” item, I decided to try it out. 

I LOVE it!! I do have to work a little harder at drinking it then just taking off of the cap (the water has to be pulled through the filter.) But – tap doesn’t taste like tap any longer, and because of its unique design, it has brought many comments from onlookers that haven’t seen anything like it. 

I know I didn’t start the trend, but it did bring a small smile to my face that I am using less plastic, drinking more water, and had this little water bottle in tow BEFORE I saw it in the woman’s magazine. Go me!

If you don’t like the taste of tap water, I would suggest to try this 9.99 “bobble.”

Want to read more or find out where to find it? Check out at The Water Bobble.


Lauren said...

a) That's pretty awesome, I may just have to pick one up for myself.
2)Musty Mayhem would be a great band name.

Cotton Couple said...

Me - I completely agree!! I literally laughed out loud when I saw your comment... if only I wasn't musically challenged!