Monday, January 31, 2011

My amazing world changing blog post

So I was going to write an amazing, world changing blog post – but I can’t.

My eye is half swollen shut and I itch on multiple places of my body.

Why do these ailments stricken me? One simple sentence will suffice, “I got a massage.” The massage wasn’t too bad, although I probably should have spoken up when I realized he was no longer massaging but rather torturing. My masseuse was excellent at finding the sorest parts of my back and then focus only on those spots. Ouch! But what is really bothering me is the residual effects of the massage.

 Turns out I was allergic to the massage oil/cream/whatever was rubbed on me. Greeeaaatt.

I am sorry that have nothing amazing to share this evening. I have been busy poking at the bump on my right eye, forgetting that although it might itch when I do nothing – if I touch it, it hurts.


Kaitlyn said...

Ouch!! I hope you get to feeling better! I hope you took some benadryl!

Cotton Couple said...

Kaitlyn - Thanks! I did (take benedryl) ... the rash is finally getting better :(