Sunday, February 20, 2011

Doing a little photoshopping

One of my 25x25 challenges is to "learn how to use my camera and photoshop… and submit one of my creations to a public competition."

Well if one is not familiar with photoshop... it's much like learning another language. Seriously.

Thank goodness there are people out there like Pioneer Woman who have traveled the road less taken, and then came back... with secrets.

It will be awhile before I master photoshop and create something worthy of submission, but thanks to Pioneer Woman and her "Photoshop Actions" things are getting slightly easier. Photoshop Actions are a collection of ... well... actions that you might perform on a photo. For example, say you want to "soften" a picture, make it black and white, and then perform other fancy, smancy tricks on it. Well you can save all of these together and call it "Jenny's Masterpiece," and everytime you want to use all of these actions at one time, just click "Jenny's Masterpiece" and wala! One click instead of a million. Pioneer Woman has some fabulous actions available for download.

Here is once picture I have been practicing on.... still a work in process...

Original Picture

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