Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thought of the Day... Olive Oil

Okay.... So say you were picked up by a random stranger. Worried and confused you are shoved into the back seat of an unmarked van. Saying nothing to quiet your onslaught of questions, the driver, a burley man in all black with a mask over his face, drops you off at the local Kroger.

Grabbing you by the collar of your jacket, you are dragged out of the van. Your rough chauffeur barks that if you didn't bring him "Olive Oil" in the next 3 minutes, the WHOLE WORLD will perish.

Albeit an odd request, if this was the only concern of your friend in black, you could easily run into Kroger - grab the Olive Oil, check out and save the world. You solute the gentleman (not sure why, it was the first idea that came to your anxiety riddled mind) and and turn to charge through the parking lot.

As you are running into the store, your eyes quickly identify the proper isle, and you believe you might even have a few minutes to spare.... that is until you reach the olive oil section.

Yes there is a section.

All are Olive Oil. 

Which one do you grab?

Just to clarify, I haven't been taken hostage by a threatening mystery man requiring Olive Oil to save the world. I do however need it for a recipe. The directions did not specify what kind, but BOY was I overwhelmed what I found a hundred DIFFERENT kinds of Olive Oil staring right back at me (if bottles could stare...) And! There wasn't even a "regular" kind. I was so overwhelmed in fact that I didn't even chose one and walked right back out of the store.

Why does the world need so many types of Olive Oil?? 

Also - what is the difference between "Virgin Olive Oil" "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" and "100% Pure Olive Oil"?  It disturbs me that the fate of my food lies in the hands of my inexperienced Olive Oil selection. All I wanted was "Olive Oil."

This is why I have problems cooking.


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