Friday, December 17, 2010

New Look, New Year!

I have a feeling 2011 is going to be a super exciting year.

What better way to start this year than with a BRAND NEW look to my blog! (After all I need an exciting look to share my exciting year!) 

My original look had been a collaboration of things I had learned about html and basic blog background. If you know me personally, my blog layout didn’t quite match my personality. Over the past few months, I mulled over the blog designers of my favorite reads – but many things were WAY out of my price range. I wasn’t defeated though, and spent many, many hours looking through portfolios … and I am soooo glad I did.

When I came across Kelsey’s design site, I was immediately intrigued. Her previous works were along the lines of what I thought I wanted my blog to look like and her prices were wonderful, so I contacted her. A short week and a half later, here I am with a blog design that I ABSOLUTELY love!! (She also designed my twitter page to match!) My sister said it best. “I think the new design is definitely more you… It’s more personable. The other was very clean and pristine where this looks like it belongs to someone who enjoys what they do.”  (Thanks K!)  If you are looking for a sweet blog designer that listens to every little (nit-picky) thing, timely, and affordable, check her out HERE

For those that read my blog through email or a separate blog reader, take some time to visit my site…

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Kelsey said...

:) So glad you like your new look! I love how it turned out!