Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I can read the future.

I feel it is about time to share a secret. What makes it about time… ehh, 2:30 a.m. CST sounds like a perfect time to me.

I can read the future.

Well I’ve officially done it twice… and I have had a lot of cases of “Déjà vu.” Okay, officially, OFFICIALLY done it once… halfway did it another time.  Now, before you start asking me super important things, like “Who am I going to marry?” or “What are tomorrow's lottery ticket numbers?” I would like to preface that I have made predictions that have not come true yet… or we might call them incorrect. Who knows.

I have a friend, MJ, that I love dearly. I like to talk to her, braid her hair, and make predictions…  One of these extrapolations that I shared with her occurred during a shift one evening. It went a little like this… 
“MJ, I am going to tell you who you are going to end up with. I’ll send you a message.”

Being in a funny mood, I just closed my eyes and pictured my friend with a guy. No rhyme or reason… just the first thing that came to mind.

July 13, 2009 at 4:13am
SO this is the picture that I am seeing ... It looks actually like a picture... Not sure how far this is into the future.. But you are standing next to a guy with kids ... and he looks like your husband. He is taller then you.. with broad shoulders he has dark brown hair and a mustache and beard and is wearing plaid? and jeans.. he looks friendly can't tell if he has brown or blue eyes. Maybe a little belly? but has big muscular arms. you have a little girl and a little boy.. girl has light brown hair maybe 3 and then you have a really blonde haired boy that is like 1.5 or 2.

We had a good laugh… and went on our merry day… thinking nothing too serious.

Except… the idea just kept nagging me. The picture I had envisioned looked so much like a famous household name that I just had to tell her. I met up with MJ the next night… “You know that guy I described? He looks eerily similar to Billy Mays.” (RIP Billy Mays.) She looked at me and laughed. (This is a common occurrence with most of our interactions.) Poor Mr. Mays had died only a month earlier due to.. slightly scandalous reasons.. and here I was saying that her future man would be his doppelganger. I think she doubted my abilities.

Four months later… MJ meets a guy at church that *might* fit the bill. The next spring, mystery man asks her on a date. They go on several excursions that weekend… he wears plaid on every occasion.  

They have been together almost a year now… and are like two peas in a pod. Her happiness makes me smile.

*I also feel obligated to say that since I said he looked like the spokesperson from OxyClean, I must reiterate that this guy is NOT Billy Mays. I think some people got this confused when the story has been retold.*

So was it coincidence … or maybe I have a gift? You tell me. 

"It's Billy Mays here!!!"

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