Monday, December 13, 2010

25 (things) x 25 (years)... and this should get interesting...

(A pink "25"... how appropriate)

Friends… family… readers… whoever you are. 

I turn 25 in a little over a month and I am in NEED of ideas.

Okay, I could probably come up with 25 ideas by myself, but I feel that I can broaden my list if they came from others. (Hey, I know myself and things I would… and wouldn’t do. I am sorry, but I am not jumping out of an airplane, I am going to live vicariously through my daring husband.)

Some suggestions I have gotten so far…

*Start on my second degree. (Good idea! I have applied and I am crossing my fingers to get in. Only thing is, if I am accepted – I definitely will start. If I am denied, not sure I can whip up another application super quickly for another school. I will keep this on the back burner… but I am pseudo-labeling this as “Goal I am already working towards”)
* Practice taking pictures and have them displayed in a coffee shop. (Something I could certainly try!)
* Skydiving (No. I am sorry. Pretty sure I would die of shock in mid drop. Of fear.)
* Learn to drink coffee. Or was that “like coffee”? (You ladies are so silly! This will probably stay on my list.)
* Finish my Harry Potter story. (Hahaha. Okay this will definitely be on the list.)
* Cooking something “extravagant.” (This definition varies with the friends that you ask. Some believe “extravagant” for ME would be mastering more simple meals… since I don’t cook. Others feel I should shoot for the stars like a Julie Child-esque recipe. I think for my 25x25 list I am going to go for something BIG like a 5 course meal… or maybe a soufflé. Guess I am going to need to find out what a soufflé is.)
* Write a book. (oooooohhhh. Sounds like a crazy… but fun goal. But I will need to finish my HP story first.)
* Try to conquer a fear. (Me afraid of things?? Haha. Okay but I am not sure what I should try. No, I am not skydiving.)
* Audition for a commercial. (This might be interesting… and random.)

Other (online) suggestions I have found rather appealing… 

Take a hot air balloon ride. Send a care package to a member of the troops (my sis). Meet with a financial planner. Buy clothes that fit the size I am now. Attend a Zumba class. Run/Walk in a marathon. Watch all the Harry Potter’s in one sitting. Play a round of golf. Take a piano class. Master Photoshop. Create something that will change the world. Loose 15 pounds. Write a letter someone every week for that year. Master 25 recipes. Try 25 new restaurants.

Phew! I need some help here… Will take all the suggestions I can get!

(photo credit/Munchen Tram)

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PsyDet said...

One of my dreams is to write a book too! Specifically, a book on forensic psychology :) Can't wait to read more from you in your blog!