Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Is.. is.. that a Death Eater's Wand??"

I loved Hogsmeade. .. and I feel that even this is an understatement.

While I was wandering through Hogsmeade I came across Olivander’s Wand Shop. I know what you are thinking, “What is a muggle going to do with a wand?”

Well I just might have some untapped magical abilities, you never know.

So I went in.

(Keep in mind I was wearing a Gryffindor t-shift to disguise my muggleness.)

Olivander’s shop was absolutely amazing. Now I don’t have very good perception of height, but if I were to guess, I would say his shop had 30 feet ceilings, with EVERY nook and cranny stuffed with wands.

Between you and me, thank goodness Olivander didn’t choose me to display the wand selection technique. I am afraid I would have been exposed for my true, non-magical self, and that would not have been very good. Can anyone say Azkaban?? (Especially since I did not bring the proof Harry had invited me!)

Here he is measuring the wand arm of one of Gryffindor’s students.

After some misfired spells, I was led into another room for my own wand selection. Mr. Olivander is a busy man and has “helpers” to aid him during the most hectic of times! I walked up to an available witch and she asked a few questions to best help me in my endeavors to find a wand. After the onslaught of inquiries, some of which I had to make up to hide my true identity, she opened a box and said, “I think this is the one for you, but you might not like it.”

This is a picture of the one I was shown. Take a look… (I am so not kidding about this one.)

I stepped back at the sight of the wand, and stuttered. “Is.. is… that a Death Eater’s Wand??” (Again, this is all completely true.) She responded with complete sincerity, “Well technically, no. This is the wand that fits your answers. So no, it is not a Death Eater’s wand… unless you are a Death Eater.”

Seeing this wand with all its skully glory filled me with shock, sadness, disappointment … I could keep going. A wand like this would be the last thing a Harry fan wants to see. And this had been the one selected for me?? Had it been because of my trickery for attempting to disguise myself as a witch? I just don’t know.

The wand witch watched as the emotions and internal dialogue flew across my face.

“Let’s take a look at some other ones. It appears that this one was not the wand you were looking for.”

After about 20 minutes later and holding and feeling MOST of the wands, I found myself the proud owner of a light weight, classic hawthorne wand. Nothing too fancy or too dark, I am proud of my new purchase. Here it is…

This is a picture of the three of us checking out Olivander’s public store.

Now, fit with a wand, I am ready to cast some hard core spells. If only the pups and the hubby would stop giving me weird looks every time I wave my wand.

The results will come, they’ll see.

More stories to come…

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