Wednesday, October 27, 2010

“Harry Potter’s Most Dedicated Fan”

With my recent blog posts, you must think that I am one of the bigger fans of the Harry Potterverse.

I have decided that today I must confess I don’t even come close to the title of “Harry Potter’s Most Dedicated Fan.”

It was sobering to discover I might not even compete with this gentleman, but I have come to terms with this discovery.

So how did I find the epitome of what it means to be a DEDICATED Harry Potter fan?


(Maniacal laughter slips from my lips.)
I am good at being creepy, and what else can you do when you have been standing in a ride’s line for over 30 minutes, and you haven’t even gotten into the castle yet?


So while staring at others in the maze of bodies, a tattoo caught my eye.
This is the perspective I had. (I know this picture looks like I took it without consent. Well, initially I didn’t – but then I think he figured out he had three girls staring hard at him and started a conversation with us. THEN I asked for his picture.)

Do you see it?!? It is a picture of Sirius Black in the poster, “Have you seen this wizard.”

Well staring at other people didn’t cover it anymore. He became the object of our attention for the next 45 minutes. (The line was long!)

Well when we did end up befriending him, (he was a very friendly bloke,) we discovered that this man had two COMPLETE tattoo sleeves (tattoos that cover the arms like sleeves) of only Harry Potter themed tattoos. He also had the Hogwarts crest on the back of one of his legs. He explained that it took over 118 hours to do during multiple sessions. He initially started with the dark mark, but continued with a full portrait of Harry Potter, Doby and another house elf. He also has the Hogwarts castle and each of the seven Horcruxes.

Simply amazing, unfortunately I am just not THAT dedicated.

I did tell this gentleman that he should win some sort of prize for all of that artwork permanently emblazoned on his body, because I am pretty sure not many people would go to the lengths that he did to always remember this wonderful world.

Epitome I tell you. Epitome.

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