Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Recipe for a Successful Boat Trip

The Recipe for a Successful Boat Trip


One Half Girls

One Half Guys

A Boat and A Lake of Water

Jump Off One Cliff

** Make Sure The Cliffs You Are Jumping Off of Aren’t Too High… ** (You can do this by having a 12 year old girl take a higher jumping spot)

A Pinch of Storms

A Lot of Laughing

A Lot of Smiling

A Small Moment Where You Think The Boat Might Be Stuck After Hitting Some Rocks… (Make sure you have some super strong guys to pull you to safety)

One YMCA slide that has the ability to be borrowed

One Island Adventure… Must Attempt to Circumvent this Island (only to discover the selected island is the largest in the lake, and the only one without sand to walk on)


Mix all of this together with a Tennessee summer day and add some reflection time at the end…

And there you have it – one awesome boat trip!

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