Friday, July 9, 2010

The "Verbal Filter"

(Koalas seemed to be the focus of some of our conversations this morning, so I decided to include a picture of one!)

What is a “Verbal Filter” you may ask? I believe this is a tiny section in *many* people’s brains that gives us a prompt before speaking, popping up with a little grey box stating “are you sure you really want to say that?” We then are able to make the choice, either choosing to save face and bite our tongues and smile or say what is truly on our minds and then realizing that even though we might be a vice president, the administration can hide people quite well…

Anyway… Certain actions can disable this verbal filter. My favorite? Going to the pancake pantry after night shift! What can beat awesome breakfast and interesting conversations with 13 friends/co-workers?

Yep! It was another Pancake Pantry day!

Oh and the conversations have topped all previous ones I have had at the pantry! I wrote down some this morning before going to bed and now after getting some sleep, all I can say is “Oh my… yeah our verbal filters were not in use this morning.” Haha. I can only wonder what the tables around us were hearing.

So back by popular demand, here are some of my favorite events and quotes (as I remember them) from this morning… feel free to correct me or add more! I laughed too much and had a lot of fun!

(I have chosen to leave the quotes and people mentioned nameless... for obvious reasons! :) )


If you wear UT scrubs, you just might have breakfast bought for you from a man at another table. “I thought he heard what we had been talking about!” “They said that they collected money from the others at the table for your meal!” “Yeah, I agreed to meet them outside later…”

There was one girl in our group that can do amazing impressions. She had us in tears.

“You spell it with an LY?” Now speaking to the entire table, “I would prefer if everyone would call me LySandy.”

“She just stared at me probably thinking ‘this ain’t no Starbucks.’ (In reference to McDonalds and their new coffees.)
“No, she was probably thinking, “Who goes online to figure out what they are going to order from McDonalds.”

“She’s not retarded; she’s just stupid like everyone else.”

“I worked as a t-shirt girl.”
“Did you shoot them out of cannons?”
“Who would you be shooting them at in Hawaii??”
“Maybe the surfers?”

“It might be easier with Koalas.”
“No, they can turn around and scratch you! They have big claws.” (Girl demonstrates turning around and clawing someone. Many at the table nod enthusiastically.)

“So you’re not Canadian anymore?”
“No I am still Canadian… but.. ”
(Another girl) “Because of your tattoo?”

“We had the Golden Girls waitress.”

“He offered to take my plates away. I took that as a sign that maybe I should stop eating.” (After ordering French toast, eggs, and sausage… none of them were small quantities.)

“Have you read Harry Potter.”
“Yes. But I am not obsessed.”
“I have never seen someone read all of them and not be obsessed.” (Being completely serious.)

“I can’t wait till the light shines down on me when I receive my wand.”
“I can’t wait to go to the bathroom!”
“Oh! The ghost will be there?!?”

“It just feels like the people aren’t real!”

“How does the goat stay still for that!”

“… at Kyle’s wedding.”
“Wasn’t that your wedding too?”

“She wants her second child to be named Bella.”
“But that would be incest!”

“You could just put some antibiotics in their food so they won’t go extinct.”
“But they are wild. Do you just throw it up in the trees?”
“Well you could give it to them, and then tag them.”
“But, if you tag an animal then they are no longer wild, right?” (The table was quite worried about the Koalas and their… um… PROBLEM.)

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