Sunday, July 11, 2010

While I Should Be Playing Outside...

I am inside writing another blog post.

Who am I kidding? It is too hot outside! (As evidenced by the immense amount of sweat I produced by merely retrieving the Sunday paper.)

So while we inside folk watch re-runs, those quirky summer shows, and entertain ourselves with all things cool (and inside) - here is a video to remind us of the nicer weather to come and all of those fun fall tv programing.

This web video was created by one VERY TALENTED Swedish young man who sings and plays a variety of instruments in this compilation of our favorite tv show theme songs. He recorded himself singing and playing the guitar and then recorded himself playing the piano. As you will see, he plays through one song and into the next with no mistakes that we can see, with the exception that he cuts away from the camera twice, which is still very, very impressive.

If you recognize all of the songs he sings, however, perhaps you do need to be watching less tv...


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