Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The End.

The End.

The appropriately titled ending of this Sunday’s series finale of ABC’s Lost. We knew it was coming, we were warned three years ago, but back then it seemed like forever. Back then we were traveling through time – unaware that John Locke’s body would end up being taken over by a nameless man that can turn into smoke and that all of our island friends were “candidates.” Now as we watch all those who have been significant to the show disappear in a cloud of smoke.. or bomb.. or gun shot… we are left scrambling, trying to make sense of it all. It isn’t very often that a show’s creative team will plan the ending of their successful show, but perhaps giving it an ending has made it even more successful. Here we are, the fans of the show, hanging on to every last word, and then skinning it – trying to find a purposeful meaning – something that will give us a key to become enlightened… to no longer be “Lost.”

After watching this last episode, I feel that we have been given enough information to more safely assume what will happen in the climatic series finale. What I am confident of, however, is that the show is famous for its “red herrings” and technically can end any way - with a “happily ever after” ending or one that would probably suit the merciless island.

So back in February I posted a Lost themed entry mentioning questions that I created with hopes to be answered during the 6th season. These questions were filled out by my friends and I, to be opened after the finale to see how we faired. Whelp even though my own answers are still sealed, I have decided to revisit the questionnaire to see how many more questions still need to be answered…

*** Season 6 Spoiler Alert ***

Out of the 16 questions, these are the ones that have yet to be answered… (Seventy five percent of the questions have already been solved, thank you Lost!)

Why when the island survivors that had made it to the U.S. joined the flight to go back to the island, Sun and Ben remained in present time with the remaining passengers?

• From the most recent episode I would say that perhaps Sun remained in present time due to the fact that she had her baby? Ben didn’t go back because he wasn’t on the original flight. I don’t think this question will be visited in the finale.

What does the statue on the beach represent?

• Although this has been a staple throughout the series, besides the fact that that it serves as a reminder that the island is old – I don’t know if it is important enough to mentioned in the finale.

Did the bomb at the end of Season 5 finale explode? What are the consequences of this event (Either exploding or not exploding?)

• I sure hope this question is answered, as there is a reason we have been living through flash sideways this entire season. Poor Juliette …

Finally, where do you believe Season 6 is headed?

Haha well of course this hasn’t been completely answered yet. Here is my take on the matter…

Edit** So I had an idea but then it started falling apart so I removed it. If I have a more organized idea I might post it… but I feel quite Lost upon further inspection.

Anyway… the series finale event is this Sunday at 6pm central time.. with the actual episode starting at 8pm.

Are you ready?

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