Monday, May 24, 2010

I Can Let Go... No Longer Lost

After two and a half hours of laughing, gasping, screaming, and crying, I am at peace. Although still feeling the affects of the emotional roller coaster, I am glad I took the time to become so invested in the show that I will remember for the rest of my life. Invested might be an understatement, perhaps I should try obsessed. Nah, I think I will go with "Lostie."

Tonight I would like to share with you a few photos of our viewing party as well as the finale of Lost interpreted by none-other then me. If you have not seen the episode please, Please, PLEASE do not continue. When you have watched it, then check out my blog. Gracias!


Living LOST...

Our Letters from the Dharma Initiative...

Our Plane Tickets.... Looks Like We Are On Oceanic Flight 815.. Hope It Goes Well!

The Dharma Initiative House...

The House Again...

Dharma Water...

Dharma Fruit...

Michelle's Already Has Her Uniform!

Dad With Some of Hurley's Chicken.. In His Island Gear!

The Plane Had Some Issues... This Is Me After the Oceanic Flight 815 Crash

Michelle's Amazing Cake!

Lindsey Came Too... And She Doesn't Even Watch Lost :)

Half Way Through the Finale... And My Make Up Is Gone...


My Interpretation of "The End" of Lost


Jack said it best, “There are no do-overs, short cuts. Whatever happened, happened.”

People are afraid that Lost was a “cop out” that all those who were on Oceanic Flight 815 perished in the crash.

They did not.

Throughout the flash sideways (FS), the characters had flashes of their time on the island. Why is this important? Because their time on the island happened. It was real.

The flight did crash. People died. The smoke monster - that happened too. In the last frame of the series finale we saw the place wreckage, with the forts that had been made. People did survive. But you ask, “How?” “That doesn’t make sense. How on Earth did all of those things happen over the last six years then?” Well Lost and the island never made sense… There really was something about the electromagnetivity on the island and all of it was real. That is why Desmond did not disappear into the light when he was at the bottom of the cave. Although he had had flashes of the FS it didn’t mean it was “real life.” Desmond had always encountered flashes, and that is the very reason he did not stay on the plane during the FS for the entire flight. Jack had noticed it when Desmond disappeared. Desmond had flashed back. We will never know all of the scientific reasoning behind Jacob, the Man in Black .. and all of those mysterious forces on the island. The one thing that matters is that all of it was real.

Jin and Sun did die in the submarine. Kate, Claire, Miles, and Sawyer made it off of the island. Even Ben and Hugo made it off the island eventually. How? Hugo says that they can’t get off the island, but Ben counteracts, “that’s how Jacob ran things. Maybe there’s another way, a better way.” Jack does perish; we see his death at the end of the episode. Ultimately with him closing his eyes, Jack has come full circle from when he truly started living.

The FS was a purgatory of sorts but without the necessarily negative connotation – where ever the characters were before “moving on.” Everything on the island happened in real time. The FS was the “limbo” scenarios that the characters had created/influenced for themselves. Did you notice that when characters had seen their “island flashes” in other words remembering their real lives, things that had once ailed them no longer held them back: Sun’s gunshot wound, Locke’s spinal surgery. Sawyer said it best by saying to Sun, “What? You are leaving? You are doing pretty well for yourself especially with that gunshot wound.” Even Jack made a mention to Locke by saying, “You can’t leave, you just had spinal surgery.” In some of the FS, characters attempted to make amends for what they did in their time on Earth: Ben being a “fatherly figure” to Alex, and saving Locke after being hit by a car… Or Hurley being lucky when his time alive had been of such misfortune. Jack had a son and was trying to create a better relationship then his own father and him had had. Lock reinforced the fact that this was a “limbo scenario” by mentioning, “Jack you don’t have a son.”

Jack’s dad “Christian Sheppard” (clever titling, huh?) was much like a Sheppard of sorts at the church. He was not in the coffin in the FS because he didn’t need to be. The coffin .. with his body somewhere.. was on the island. Christian said that all of those that had been on the island created this particular “limbo” to find each other again, so they could move on. All of the characters died at different times. Christian Shepard said to Jack “some have died before you, some long after you.” Everyone was “stuck” in this pseudo world because they were ultimately waiting for each other. Christian described it as “this is the place that you all made together, so you could find one another. The most important part of your life was the time that you spent with these people. That is why you all are here. No one does it alone Jack.”

As the characters received their “island flashes” they realized that they were in fact dead, and all of them were to meet at the church to “move on.” But in this time, no one is in a hurry, and ultimately allowed all of those that they are interacting with to understand in their own time and to make their own decisions. We didn’t see everyone in the church because they had already “moved on” and/or not important to our favorite group of “Losties.”

I loved the ending of Lost, and felt that it did the series justice. I believe that it is safe to say this is my favorite finale of all time. From the action and suspense to the beauty, symbolism and poetic justice, it is what anyone could ask for out of a show. Unlike many endings of books, series, and movies in which I am left wanting more, I am at peace.

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