Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ode to COCO...

Ode to Coco …

Oh Coco, how I will miss you so!
From your red hair to your giant shadow
Jumping in and out of the camera frame,
No other show will be the same.

Oh Coco, how will NBC’s tonight show ever survive?
You brought so much laughter to all our lives.
I did think, however, that dear Andy was much too new,
But Max and La Bamba, I will never forget you.

Oh Coco, how will I sleep?
In my memories Celebrity Survey, The Audiency Awards, and Conando will I keep.
Without Conan, will the prediction for the year 2000 ever come true?
What else can NBC take from us, our college years too?

Oh Coco, I will remember your last episode for a very long time.
Much better spoken then this poor rhyme
Never thought I would see you shed a tear
But NBC will be the one crying when you beat Leno in ratings next year!

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