Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy New Even Year!!

So I cannot tell you how happy I am that it is an even year. Weird? Let me explain…

Ever since I was little I loved even numbers. They were easily divisible, I thought they were easier to count by, and they just looked better to me. Still doesn’t make sense? Well, some things in life you can’t truly explain.

Anyway, some of my most memorable events have landed on those “even numbered” years. I was born in ’86. I graduated high school in ’04. My nephew was born, graduated college, got a big girl job, and got married in ’08. Now I love even numbers… but I know some that are a little more die hard then me. (I won’t say anything more, Meghan.)

2009 has been downright hard. It was the year that adult life truly sunk in. Whoever said that life after graduation is easy – well they lied. Growing up is hard. Moving out of state is hard. Starting a new job is hard. Buying a new house is hard. Understanding marriage is hard. On top of that, the economy isn’t the best and having a spouse not truly happy with their job is hard too. I felt like in 2009 I was just trying to get by. I am sure there were a lot of great things, but when you get in a rut, you fail to truly enjoy the bright side of life.

2010 is going to be a good year, I know it. Not because I know what is going to happen – I wish! Well, as I think a little bit more about that, I probably wouldn’t want to know about the future. I know 2010 is going to be a good year because I am changing my mentality and lifestyle. I have been working on my relationship with God and how I look at my life and the world around me. Eating better and exercising also has helped me too. Surprisingly I didn’t start this Jan 1, 2010 – I actually started in 2009. Starting early has given me the head start to what I know will be a fabulous year. Yes, bad things will happen, and everything won’t be honky dory all the time. Yet, it is how I handle these events that will make my year.

So a few things I will be working on…

* Pray more. That’s all I have to say about that!

* Live one day at a time. No need to stress about the future, it hasn't happened yet, and truly nothing I can do about it now. No need to stress about the past, nothing I can do about that either.

* Not to compare myself to others. The only thing that can come from comparison is unhappiness. I am my own person and don't have to be like others.

* Breathe. If I am overwhelmed or having a bad day, I need to remind myself that with each new day brings new opportunities and challenges. Nothing will ever stay the same.

* Take chances and try new things. Everyone is nervous or scared when they come across something new, it is normal!

* Do things that make me happy every once in awhile.

* Do things that make others happy.

* Exercise, exercise, exercise!

* Not just survive… but LIVE!

Are these my new year resolutions? No … these are my goals that I will continue to work towards, not just this new year – but always.

Happy New Year everyone and I hope that your 2010 will be an awesome even year!!

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MeghanJoy said...

I love your goals!