Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bowls of Onions...

(Saw this pic on Pinterest and if I had gotten out of my PJs in the last three days I would have loved to have worn THIS shirt.) 

Officially Announcing...that I am one of the many experiencing flu like symptoms* in the U.S.

I thought that by suffering through a sore arm in October from the flu short would be enough protection for my AWESOME immune system, but alas a bug got the best of me.

Needless to say - I hope I don't feel this way again! Achey muscles to the point where I had tears in my eyes, feverish, constant chills which elicited constant goosebumps (in my illness haze, I was sure that this was the reason I was so sore) and horrible GI upset.


Well I didn't plan for this to be a pity party - as again it seems like EVERYONE is sick ... but the reason for the post was because of these...
(two bowls of onions)

In addition to the vague memories of the hubby getting up in the middle of the night to check on me after I re-met my dinner from that evening and making sure I was super comfortable the past few days  - I found two bowls of onions in our room after waking from an afternoon nap today.

From the look of them they were not new onions - I am just super surprised I had not smelled them until today. Curious, I asked the hubby about them...


Looking in further...

Conclusion? Well, through an exhaustive five minute search of the web - it was clear that although onions may have a congestion relieving properties, onions collecting or absorbing viruses is an urban legend.

Learn.. and see new things every day!

* I never went to the Dr. (or NP) to receive an official diagnosis and therefor do not know if I officially suffered from the flu or a stomach bug. 

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Emmy said...

I think this post is reinforcing what my pastor (aka, my boss) told me this morning. "Don't come back to work until you've had your flu shot!"