Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sure we have season tickets... but we were in enemy territory

Many people make assumptions of our fandom due to our Vanderbilt season tickets in both the student section AND the regular stands. Sure we like watching a good basketball game every now and again, but you won’t see us clad in the gold and black outside of the arena. 

Blue is our color.


Buying season tickets makes sense for us. UK/ Vandy tickets were going for $300 a piece… we paid less than that for four season tickets. SUCCESS!

So we took it one step further this year. Since our dads were coming to the game, the hubby and I decided to sit in the Vanderbilt student section, with our true colors. 

Since you guys are an understanding bunch, I have a few game confessions…

Game Confessions – 
  • We were six rows from the court. 
  • The students we sat next to had arrived around noon to get the prime seats. 
  • We didn’t wait nearly that long... actually we had no wait.
  • We got in legally, but in a very nontraditional way. 
  • Did I mention it was Vandy's ESPN game day? (So they tried extra hard to make sure there were no blue shirts in the student section.)
  • We were not exposing our blue when we sat down an hour and a half before the game. 
  • Everyone was nice to us. 
  • Five minutes before the game we took off our layers and immediately got booed by EVERYONE. (Our dads said they heard the booing.)
  • I was pretty sure the Commodore mascot was going to get in a fight with my hubby. 
  • An official came to check our tickets. 
  • We were able to produce the goods and told him we were grad students. 
  • A cheer followed with many students joining in, “we hate grad students!” 

It was tense game (both from the close game and the disgruntled Vandy fans we were standing near)… but at least we weren’t alone. About 10 other UK fans had infiltrated the student section too. SUCCESS!

Sure my blood pressure was probably abnormally high… but hey…

It was a Kentucky win!!


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