Saturday, February 18, 2012

Eep... Getting Older

I just blinked this morning and realized that it is almost March.

How did this happen?? I believe every year of life, time gets just a little bit faster. A cruel joke, that's for sure.

I remember when I was young and all I wanted was time to fly by. "I just want to be a teenager", "I just want to be 16", "I just want to graduate"... Now, when I begin to look for the proverbial breaks - I realize I jumped in a runaway car... with no way to stop.

Filling out a survey last week for who knows what, I realized that I am no longer in the 18-25 bracket. I can't remember what age I was lumped in with, probably 40. 26-40. Eep... (Not that there is anything wrong with 40.) If you asked me what age I am, without thinking, I would probably say 24. It wouldn't be because I wanted to lie about my age, but I honestly feel like I should be 24.

I just need time to slow down - just for a little bit. Please?

Well since I did just turn the big "26," the hubby got a group of friends to celebrate... with me. We had a blast at Dave and Busters (an adult Chuckie Cheese.. just without the crime.)

Blowing out the candles on the homemade cookie cake - courtesy of the hubbie.

The hubbie

The knife that broke in the cookie... poorly made knife... awesome cookie

So here's to being 26... 2012... and still looking for the breaks.

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