Saturday, December 17, 2011

Finals are over... and I am pretty sure the puppies feel neglected

Do you ever feel that your animals are trying to tell you something?

I think mine were telling me that I was spending way too much time on my classes and not enough time on them.

Ginger on my pathopharm book - while I was studying

I finished preparing for my final only to find myself in the middle of a circle of toys. It was like I was in a little puppy seance. 

Ginger staring at the back of my head while I study... Slightly distracting.

Sorry pups, I have eight more semesters of this. Don't worry though, we have one month of walk full days until my next class starts.

Does anyone else have this issues with their animals??


Emily Hornburg said...

Haha! All the time! My dog Bandit is always crawling on top of my laptop, or sitting on my lap as I try to type. He hates it when I'm paying more attention to the internet than to him!

Kathy S said...

I definitely do. My dog hops onto my computer whenever he is feeling neglected.

Brittany E. said...

Your puppies are so adorable! I hope they gets lots of long walks in the month ahead :) Merry Christmas!

Brahmin in Boston said...

I am totally a dog person too!

BTW this is so random but I LOVED your stocking! :D