Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A unique perspective on photography... X-Rays

I believe our Indian summer has departed... kinda sad about that. Although, it is hard to celebrate the holidays when it is in the upper 60's/low 70's.

In my perfect world, It would be in 50's - 60's in November, December would have snow and be in the 30's and 40's, and then in January, it would jump up in to the 50's again. I only really need 2-3 months to be cold (i.e. colder than 60) and then it can start getting warm again - with max temperatures being in the 80s with low humidity. Where do I need to move to get this weather??

A climate controlled arena with fake weather and sunlight might be my only option...

Anywho, I digress.

If you haven't guessed already... I love science, medicine (being a nurse and all), as well as photography.

When creating my unit's weekly clinical communication a few weeks ago, I came across a super - neat article about a gentleman using X-rays (definitely not great for his health) to create works of art.

Whether it is in his lead lined room or utilizing x-rays out in public, Nick Veasey, is quite talented. Featured in Time Photos: Examining X-Ray, Nick creates interesting images of the inside, of well, almost everything.

I think what makes his images intriguing, is that they are not of a person (or animal) that has done (or eaten) something weird to earn themselves an X-Ray and a spot on a Discovery Channel show. Nor are these pictures common place x-rays that health care teams routinely see.

They are of us, nature, buildings... normal every day things outside of a hospital.

I encourage you to check out his blog or the Time site (links are above). I have included some of my favorite pictures below.

Love this picture of a parent and little one holding a bear!
No wonder my feet hurt every time I wear heels!!
I wonder if this is a man or woman...
Love all of the scenes in the office building... kind of reminds me of a doll house.
According to Time Photos - he utilized the border control X-ray to capture this picture.

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Susi said...

Hello Jenny, thanks for visiting my blog! I love those X-rays, especially the one with the shoes. That's why I NEVER use high heels!
BTW why don't you use Disqus or something like that to reply to comments? A much nicer tool than to use e-mail in my opinion!
Have a great week!