Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My not so secret, secret obsession

I *heart* Lilly Pulitzer.

I LOVE the BRIGHT Colors

I LOVE the fact that the designers personalize her label by adding the signature “Lilly” 

Oh Yeah… I LOVE Pink.. which is in most of her designs.

The only thing I don’t love… the prices. Sad news.

I fell in love with Lilly’s designs ever since I was little when my grandmother pointed it out to me. She showed me the "Lilly" signature in the patterns and shared with me that she had made dresses with Lilly Pulitzer fabric. 

How neat?!?

So, I can’t afford dresses that cost 300 dollars… but I do love the office supplies. As a nurse educator I have an office that I share… with a desk… and I am pretty sure Lilly is sponsoring my section. Okay, I wish she was. 

One of my favorite Lilly items?

The agendas! 

This is my second year in a row having one … and I can’t get over how much I L.O.V.E it. Last year had tongue twisters… both have had stickers. I know I sound like I am in the fifth grade… but I think the agenda helps me channel my inner child. Haha!

So I took a picture of my desk at work... Can you pick out the Lilly items??

Okay... give up??

eep! Love it!

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Steph said...

super cute! i didn't even know they made agendas!

i wish the clothes weren't so pricy. even when i find one on clearance that i love, i still can't bring myself to buy it because it still ends up being, like, $100 ON SALE.